Before you turn the page I want to share something vitally important to all people of faith working to establish a home-based business.   I would also like to ask a simple favor.

headset02On the next page you'll find our FREE Special Report, "God's Twelve Weeks to Prosperity Plan".   It describes the uniqueness of our system and how God intervened to bring it to pass.   We also talk about integrity and trust.   The number one reason we developed our own affiliate program was because we were tired of being ripped off.   How many "guaranteed leads" have you bought, with little or no results?

The favor I am asking is simply that you would fill out the form below.   You see, we're building a database of business minded people who care... people of faith... people who believe in God.

We've created an organization, Freedom and Prosperity Fellowship, that will help you promote and market your business.   "Freedom & Prosperity Fellowship", is sponsored by 3Circles Community.   We have rented an online conference hall with unlimited seating capacity.   All people of faith are welcome to participate in our regular online meetings, so long as they have no animosity against Jesus Christ or Christians in general.   Our goal is simple.   We want to educate people of faith about how to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur.   This goal is accomplished through implementation of the "Twelve Principles of Prosperity", as revealed in my book, "$ecret$" and our newly launched affiliate program, "God's Twelve Weeks to Prosperity Plan".

Your first decision, to get our Special Report, is the first and most important step.   It will cost you nothing.   Your second decision, to take the first step outlined in my Special Report, will cost you one dollar.   That single dollar is where your own journey to online prosperity begins.   What that dollar buys you is access to two patented, hi-tech communication tools that will literally transform your life and bring success to your door.   How do I know?   Because they have done that for me and my wife, Vonda.

Let me tell you how valuable these two patented means of communication are.   The statistics so far reveal an increase in sales of 170% and customer retention increased by 212%!

I could tell you this is a "limited time offer", but sales hype and pressure tactics to get you to buy are not my style.   However, as with most things in life, it is true that those who fail to act quickly, usually fail to act.   And I sure don't want anyone to miss out on what is happening in our affiliate program.   It is nothing less than amazing.

Here is another benefit to getting our Special Report.   You'll be getting a free tip on how to generate approximately 200 leads... every two weeks!   These leads will be absolutely fresh.   No one has ever worked them before.   And they will be writing you to opt into YOUR opportunity (I'm giving you the information so you can use them to build profit in our own affiliate program, "God's Twelve Weeks to Prosperity Plan" but if it turns out that our program is not a fit for you, you're free to use them however you wish).   I have personally paid $4 to $5 a lead for pre-qualified telephone leads (sometimes referred to as "guaranteed leads") and the leads you will generate are better by far.   I'm getting a response rate of 31% at a cost of ten cents a lead compared to a response rate of 2% on those four and five dollar leads!

We can guarantee that if you follow our system, these leads will never cause your business spam related problems.   Simply fill out the form below and you'll receive a followup email from us, welcoming you to our program.   You'll also immediately be taken to the online version of our Special Report.   It outlines the Step by Step procedures necessary for you to follow our proven system.   If you follow "The Plan" you WILL be successful!!

You are only one click away from the tools that will revolutionize your life!

YES!!   Sign me up to receive your FREE Special Report, "God's Twelve Weeks to Prosperity Plan".   I want to learn about and manifest prosperity in 12 weeks or less.   I understand this will also put me on your regular mailing list, so I can be kept up on all the exciting developments and opportunities coming out of Freedom & Prosperity Fellowship and 3Circles Community!

  And remember, if you decide at any time to no longer receive emails from us, just send an email to info@3circles.net with the word "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.
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