"$ecret$" Chapter 11

Prosperity Principle #12:
Total Life Success

Welcome to your "Sneek Peek" of my book "$ecret$ - 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs".   I've decided to share an entire chapter so you'd get a better understanding of what "$ecret$" is all about.   I chose chapter 11 for two reasons. 

First, it deals with "Total Life Success" and that's the kind of prosperity we should all be striving for; not just financial success, as imporant as that is, but prosperity in every area of our life. What good is prosperity if our marriage and friendships are destroyed along the way, or if our mental and physical health suffers from all the stress? 

Second, this chapter is dearest to my heart.  It talks about an aspect of success that's seldom dealt with but which I believe to be vital to the development of whole and highly successful people: Community.  

Before you click on the link to your left, to get chapter 11, I'd like to share the subtitle of my book with you: "Twenty Years of Meditation Uncovers God's Totally Awesome and Unique Principles for Breaking the Rich/Poor Barrier and Creating Families that Endure".   That should give you an idea of where my heart is and the purpose of my writing.   Now here is what you'll discover in "$ecret$":

  1. How to unlock your potential with my "3Circles Community Empowerment Principle", a single long paragraph of God given wisdom that appeared to me in its entirety during a meditation.   VERY POWERFUL!!   This will unlock financial doors and propel your marriage towards success!

  2. How to overcome the "Tryanny of the Inconsequential" so you can take control of your time!

  3. The "Nine Character Choices" that keep people poor!

  4. The reasons why so many of us lack a vision, an overriding purpose for our life, beyond that which the world defines for us.  Those who lack vision, the bible tells us, will perish.   We help you see a higher purpose in seeking the "good life" and how together, with those you love, you can develop a vision for a successful and harmonious family life!

  5. Six reasons why it's important to establish a successful home-based business!

  6. Why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer; why BOTH those who believe everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps (the Republicans) and those who promote class warfare, preaching the redistribution of wealth through government intervention (the Democrats) don't have a clue as to what the Rich/Poor barrier is and how to overcome it!!   Finally, you're going to LEARN THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT ABUNDANCE AND SCARCITY!   We are the only one's teaching this, because we're the first to uncover this truth!!

  7. The "Seven Steps to Breaking the Rich/Poor Barrier".

  8. My 13 item "Bootstrap List" and how to go about getting some of those "Bootstraps" when you realize you don't have what you need to succeed!

  9. Five simple, sure-fire ways to "Grow Your Estate"!

  10. What a "Vision Team" is and how the creation of one can revolutionize your life and the life of your family!

  11. The power of leveraging and why you should not only leverage your money, but also your knowledge and your love!

  12. Two lessons from nature that teach you how to build wealth.

  13. Why there is power inherent in two people gathering in the name of the Lord.  Their combined power is not [1+1=2] but [1+1=10].  We show you why this exponential increase is one of nature's laws and how you can tap into it.

  14. The "Five Essentials for Transforming Natural Opportunities into Supernatural Successes"!

  15. A way to supercharge your ability to visualize success with a very rare visualization technique taught nowhere else! This simple daily procedure is guaranteed to Renew Your Mind, helping you to maintain enough inner peace and joy to believe every obstacle put in your way still leads to your ultimate goal!

  16. How I started my first "Investment Saving Account" (ISA) with money saved from welfare checks and how anyone can create an ISA, no matter how poor they are!

  17. How "Total-Life Success" depends on one missing ingredient above all others, something so simple anyone of average intelligence can incorporate it into their life. Yet not one success guru, not one success book teaches this. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!
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