Chapter Eleven:

Prosperity Principle #12:
Total Life Success = 11 Principles of Prosperity + 1 Community

Total Life Success

Our goal is TOTAL LIFE SUCCESS, not merely the kind of success that helps you to survive, not merely financial success.  There is a vast difference between being a “Survivor” and being, as it says in Ro 8:37  “more than conquerors”.   Which would you rather be?  


Someone who, at the end of the day (or the end of one’s life) is able to pat themselves on the back and say proudly “I’m a survivor” has really accomplished nothing more than what millions of others on this planet have “accomplished”.  They’re managed to stay healthy or at least rise above their health problems, to sustain themselves and their families by making a living, and to survive the life-long onslaught of others trying to take away what they’ve worked so hard to acquire.   I liken this to those who pride themselves on being able to “Go with the flow”.  It's far easier than going against the flow, far easier than daring to stand up to what is wrong and doing something to fix it.   


The vast majority of people are content to live a life of mediocrity, to “just” survive.    They got married or didn't; they had children or didn't.  They worked and took care of paying their bills.  They reached old age and retired after having worked for 30, 40 or 50 years.  Most spent their time pursuing frivolous activities or activities of little consequence in terms of the betterment of humanity.   They did what others expected of them, never wanting to venture outside the "box" or break out of their "rut". 


Please understand that I am in no way making light of the awesome responsibilities and benefits of marriage.  Rather, I am saying that too many married couples and too many singles choose to stop dreaming in their God given ability to do great things.  At some point the majority of people realize how hard it is to get to the top or be the best at anything, so they switch into a comfortable, "getting by" mode.


Hopefully, as you read the above passages, you either  saw yourself as one of those who refuse to settle for what is merely "good" when you can push a little harder for what is best, OR you felt uncomfortable, seeing yourself right now as a mere survivor but wanting to change.  In either case, let's be honest and ask yourself a few questions.


What are the motivating purposes behind my goals?   Am I willing to seek after what is best, to sacrifice "down" time so I'll have time to think, to question the way I'm doing things right now?    Am I willing to network with others of like mind and will I make the time to do this?    Am I willing to apply these Twelve Principles of Prosperity?  And most importantly, am I willing to set aside a minimum of one hour daily for meditation, so I can develop a "Glory to Glory" transformational time that renews my mind, body and spirit? 


Remember, if you don't take the time to develop a success plan for yourself and your family, who will?   We can help, especially through meetings held in our web conferencing rooms (this link is a download link for our main 3Circles Church Communities web conference room). But you are the one who has to make the choice to trust what I'm saying and put these principles into action.   Most of us fail our way to success, so don't fear failure.  Obviously, we all try to avoid it, but failure must be seen as the stepping stone to success that it is.   Be willing to embrace alternative ways of doing things, even if they may seem impossible right now.   After all, isn't that what faith is all about, believing the impossible, believing in what you can't see until at last it manifests? 


Let's be honest about this new course of action.  You are going to be swimming up stream while everyone around you is swimming downstream.  That means you're going to stick out like a sore thumb.  You'll be labeled "different", and many of those closest to you will be the most negative about the changes you decide to make.  Which is precisely why most people avoid being different. 


But without the desire to be different, to break away from the ordinary and strive for excellence in everything you do, how can you make a real and lasting difference in the world or in the lives of your loved ones?  A true leader is someone distinctly different from the majority.  And I believe that every God-believer, regardless of their religous affiiliation, knows it's their duty to share what they've discovered about the spiritual side of life.   Logically this leads to only one conclusion, every person who feels so called must assume some responsibility of leadership. 


I want to clarify what I mean when I use the word, "different".  By “different” I mean you desire excellence, not mediocrity, both for yourself and your family.  By “different” I mean you seek Total Life Success , not mere financial “success”.   By “different” I mean you seek to connect to your spiritual roots, to that dimension which sustains this physical dimension, and you're not afraid to speak out about your belief in God, even though it’s no longer “politically correct” to do so.  By “different” I mean you actively seek to understand issues and when confronted with the truth, you embrace it, regardless of the changes it brings.  By “different” I mean you see through the shallow “love” that most parents have for their children; instead of always giving your children what they want (to avoid confrontation) you choose to discipline yourself to do the right thing, to take the time necessary for laying down guiding principles, to “train them in the way they should go”, so when you are no longer there to hold their hand they will still hear your “voice” and make better choices.    By “different” I mean you actually spend time together as a family, regularly, willingly pulling the plug on trivial and mindless pursuits, focusing instead on ways to create real-life productive activities that bring with them a sense of shared accomplishment and unity.  

This process of developing family bonds, a shared family identity that is strong and lasting, was far easier in days gone by.  Back then the survival of a family, whether clearing the wilderness or working the family farm, depended on every member contributing to the workload.  In many ways those hardships forced families to work together.  But today our lifestyles are pushing every member of the family in different directions.  Thus it is that those who wish to achieve success, whether in business or on the home front, must of necessity develop more self-discipline, especially with regards where they spend their time.   You may be able to successfully survive without a lot of self-discipline, but I can guarantee you won’t be “more than a conqueror”.


I want to be clear, however, that I am in no way advocating a return to the so-called “Good old days”.   Though there was the natural benefit of increased family bonding through shared, common experiences (including shared suffering) there were also limited opportunities for education, reflection or liesure, due to onerous workloads.  Today we have all the benefits of technological advances like fast transportation, the telephone, radio, television and the Internet.   They help us stay in touch more often, widen our world perspective, provide unprecedented access to life saving medicine and emergency medical treatment, and provide online educational opportunities, including do-it-yourself research.  


But rather than the anticipated outcome of more time for family, people everywhere complain they now have less time.  However, according to the ABC News host of "20/20", John Stossel, one of the myths of our culture is that we have less time for family.   In his book, "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity", John Stossel cites a university study that has kept statistics since the 1960's.  This time study revealed that we actually have MORE leisure time now than we did in the 1960's.    The only reason why we have less time to spend with our families is we now spend more of it on individual leisure activities


However, those who live in intentional planned communities have more time to spend with their family.  The main reason for this is simple, everything is near at hand.  No need for long commutes, no need for much of the travel that is forced upon us in a geographically dispersed living model.  And more often than not, people in a community pool their cars when supplies are needed, saving both gas and time. 


In other words, through a combination of technological advances and community cooperation, we get the best of both worlds.  In times past, the full development of one's potential, intellectually, artistically or politically, was reserved for those who could afford servants, or else fortunate enough to have a rich patron.  We who choose to live in a 3Circles Church Community will see first hand how individual empowerment is a natural outcome of group empowerment.   Because of clearly defined goals, shared beliefs and common interests, we soon come to understand that what is good for the group is also good for the individual, and vice versa.   At least in most cases.  There will always be some disputes, but because of the benefits we receive and the love we have for one another, individuals are more easily persuaded to do what is right for the common good.


If you saw the movie, "A Beautiful Mind", starring Russel Crowe (which I highly recommend) you saw how John Nash, a budding mathematician in the 1950's, was able to deal with a deteriorating mental condition and develop a brilliant mathematical theory that eventually won him the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.   His idea has been used primarily in economics and game theory but it has applications in many areas.


I hope I'm not butchering his theory here, as I'm taking this from the movie and some followup research.  Basically, his theory states that individuals who pursue their own best interest, tend to contribute to the best interest of those they compete with, if they consider the optimum outcome for everyone concerned.  What I get excited about is the realization that competition and cooperation are not, as so often presented, mutually exclusive.   In the context of 3Circles Church Communities, this means we understand and encourage the competitive nature of our members, since this is what creates the most productive output, but we reward cooperation within the community so as to channel those competitive energies towards one cause.  This leads to building up our love for one another, which in turn builds up our unity as a community.


One of the ways we can reward cooperation is by systematic, scheduled house raisings. Each community member thus sees first hand the reason why they are living in a 3Circles Church Community.  Another way members will see the rewards of community life is through community wide entrepreneurial assistance, via our 3CCC Business Incubator.  We care about your home-based business succeeding because your success assures our success.   The benefit of alleviating the need for both parents to work away from the home is another huge plus for community living, not to mention community wide day-care for those who must work outside the community.


As this change in lifestyle necessitates being different, I think it will help to further clarify what this means by examining the context of Paul the Apostle's words to the Roman Christians about being “conquerors”.  Ro 8:28-39  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. If God be for us, who can be against us?  He that * * spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?  As it is written *, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.  Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


It is this kind of love, the kind that does not yield to anything that would separate us from God or from God’s divine and purposeful plan for our life, that allows us to be more than conquerors.   This is not “Love” as the world knows love.  This is God’s “Agape” (spiritual) love, manifest through the example of Jesus Christ, personally obtained by inviting that same love into one’s heart, and then giving it back to others.


And regardless of your religion or where you are on your spiritual journey, the world has never seen a greater love then the example of self-sacrifice and forgiveness which Jesus Christ showed to those who beat him and nailed him to that cross.  His words, “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do”, are still echoing down through history over 20 centuries later.

However, if we allow the things of this world, “things present and things to come”, to separate us from that love, then we are no longer "more than conquerors", no longer overcoming every obstacle the world puts in our way. And how a person overcomes the world is even more important than the fact that they were able to overcome it. 


I’m sure you’ve met people who had no distinguishing love for God, but by virtue of their connections and their money were able to overcome every adversary and achieve victorious success.   Usually such a person doesn't even acknowledge God's role in their lives.  They give no thanks for the superior intelligence they possess, no thanks for the rich friends they inherited.    And often they are full of the wrong kind of pride, being vain and boastful.


I believe in being victorious, but if we have not humbled ourselves before God, have not sought after a vision as to how God might best use us, have not prayed daily for guidance and strength to overcome, then our victory is not as sure, nor is it eternal.   Yes, such a person has certainly achieved a measure of success, but unless they change their attitude about God they will never know the kind of Total Life Success that spills over into every area of one’s life and becomes a blessing to others.

Here is what the Apostle John had to say about being truly victorious, about overcoming by faith:    1Jo 5:4For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.


The Right Side of the Equation: Community

The first part of the equation, the Eleven Prosperity Principles, have already been discussed in detail. Now I want you to focus on the second part of the equation, "Community".  First, it's important to understand the reason why I'm talking about community in a book about prosperity.  To understand why, we'll need to review that passage God revealed to me, which I shared with you in Chapter Two, The 3Circles Empowerment Principle™.   

"Whatever you put your time and money and resources into, that is what you empower and whatever you empower, you give power over yourself; It is time to stop empowering the system that seeks to enslave/destroy you, and to empower one another instead".


Money is power and unless we share that power, not merely by philanthropic giving but by putting it to work so that more enterprises can be created and more people’s lives improved, that power will tend to corrupt us.   This means we consciously choose to determine the best place to invest our money, our time and our resources, with the idea of contributing to the greater good.  That is the premise behind The 3Circles Empowerment Principle .   And there is no greater good than a group of like-minded people joining forces for mutual strength, determined to be “More than conquerors”, determined to manifest God’s love in abundance, to the benefit of themselves, their children and the larger community outside their own.


Time and money are pretty obvious, but what are "Resources"?  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but resources include: 

  1. Our possessions;
  2. Our education and skills;
  3. Our creativity and inventiveness;
  4. Our business, leadership and management abilities; 
  5. A large and close knit family.

Without multiple streams of income (as the rich often refer to it, “A diversified portfolio”) or a network of rich people, your resources and the community of people into which you invest those resources becomes even more important.


I've known people with large networks of friends and business associates.  When discussing the possibility of helping to build an intentional community they didn't see the need.  They believed they already belonged to a "community", so why hassle with trying to build one?   That's understandable, considering they understood "community" in it's traditional context and had no experience to compare the two systems of community.  To their way of thinking, the fact they are able to connect with their friends and associates from time to time, and meet with their fellow church members once or twice a week, well, that's OK with them.   They accept that everyone leads busy lives and can't keep in touch more often.  They had settled in their mind that this is the best they can hope for.   But is it really the "best"?   Or is it just choosing to go along with what the present world system has forced upon them, because that's far easier than trying to build something new?  


Let's change the situation and then ask ourselves if having a traditional, loosely-knit community of friends, loved ones and business associates, is really adequate to meet the challenges we may face in the near future.  For instance, there is mounting evidence that a major volcanic explosion near the equator in 535 A.D. led to two years of no summer, causing world wide crop failures, famine and pestilence (read it for yourself CLICK HERE then hover over the screen with your mouse cursor and choose "Catastrophe").   This in turn led to a huge increase in the rat population and their fleas spread the Bubonic Plague.  Millions were killed by this plague and the resultant loss of tax revenues suffered by the struggling Roman Empire was the final blow that ended it's 800 year rein as a world power.   This was the beginning of the "Dark Ages". 


The evidence for what led up to this plague is detailed and astounding, including tree ring databases going back 7,500 years, detailed analysis of 1000 meter long (approximately 3,000 foot) ice cores in Greenland and human historic records from asian countries like China and Japan, which go back thousands of years.   What all these records reveal is that major, world climate changing volcanic eruptions, have happened throughout history, occurring on average every 1000 years.   This means we are long overdue for another one, since the last world changing volcanic eruption occurred 1,500 years ago. 


Can it happen here in America?  It already has on a smaller scale.  In 1815 the volcano Tambora exploded and this caused what was widely known as "The year without a summer" in 1816.  In New England there were frosts every month of the year.  The resulting famines killed untold numbers of Americans and caused a mass migration from New England into the Ohio Valley.


Now, given the certainty of such a world wide catastrophe occuring again; given the likelihood of it occurring in our lifetime or the lifetime of our children; and knowing that all our modern technology can't stop the crop failures nor prevent the resulting famines, ask yourself the following question.   If you knew that such a catastrophe was near, which would you prefer, to continue living life like everyone else, as if mother nature would always provide bountiful harvests, or would you prefer to be part of a community that prepared for such an eventuality, a community that had it's own electricity system, it's own greenhouses and grow lights, it's own community freezers and food storage facilities?  In our present system, these lessons of history go unheeded.  There is an economic incentive to pretend the present times of plenty will never end.  They thought that way before the great depression of the 1930's too, when drought driven dust storms destroyed much of this nations agriculture.  But those few catastrophes our nation has experienced are only a fraction as severe as what happened in 535 A.D.! 


Today we take convenience for granted.  Our entire food delivery system is based on "Just in time delivery".   As goods are consumed, they are replaced.   But this means stores only keep on hand a few days supply.  When food was in short supply after Hurricane Katrina (2005), marauding bands roamed the streets and took whatever they wanted.   In a community with many unethical self-centered people, such actions are inevitable. 


More recently, Ike (2008) a large but lower speed category 3 hurricane, caused massive damage to over 50 oil rigs in the gulf and shut down gasoline production facilities in Texas for several weeks. This interruption to the normal pipeline delivery of gasoline to local gasoline truck filling facilities in the southerna states caused long lines throughout the south, reminiscent of the shortages under President Jimmy Carter in the 70's. I watched numerous news reports as it was happening. Some people told of waiting in line overnight for the morning tanker delivery, only to find the entire gasoline shipment had been sucked dry by the time they got to the pumps a few hours later. Others talked about traveling for hours in search of gasoline, but there just wasn't any. Some people were unable to get to work or carry on with businesses that depended on delivery trucks.


The general consensus among newscasters was that "hoarding" was causing this, but hoarders were being loosely redefined by the public as anyone who filled up their tank and/or brought additional gasoline cans to fill. Could laws be enacted to prevent hoarding, like we had during the first and second world wars? Absolutely. Now that China and India are growing their economies at phenomenal double-digit growth rates it is not a matter of "if", but "when". The dramatic rise in crude oil prices during 2008, nearing $150 a barrel at one time, was a result of this dramatic rise in demand. And one person I saw interviewed, someone who specialized in supply and demand within the oil industry, said our gasoline and diesel delivery system can only deliver enough for three days supply. It doesn't require a hurricane for this to happen again. All it takes is people fearing they won't be able to get fuel and in one day our fuel supplies would be exhausted. We must never forget that right now over 70% of our oil is imported, most of it from countries hostile to democracies. If a war as large as a World War ever broke out we could find ourselves cut off overnight, our national security threatened.


Personally, I prefer to be a member of a close knit, self-sufficient community of people who live and work together on a daily basis, who have the kind of morals that insure sharing rather than hoarding, giving rather than taking.   The worldwide 535 A.D. catastrophe caused crop failures two years in a row and set in motion 10-20 years of poor crop yields caused by bad weather. The lack of food and poor nutrition lowered everyone's natural immune system capability to fight off disease and increased the proliferation of pathogens, eventually wiping out millions of people.  The "Year Without A Summer" in 1816 and several killer flu's that killed hundreds of thousands have proved that even in America such disasters will happen. It's only a matter of time and the United States is long overdue. Our community will have it's own hydroelectric, wind and solar powered electricity; we will have greenhouses and wood fired heaters; and we'll have legally approved weapons so we can defend what is ours if need be, enabling us to survive such catastrophes.  Those who fail to prepare will perish.


Having lived in both types of communities (traditional and intentional, faith-based) I have seen first hand how much richer life is when living within an intentional community founded on cooperation and love and built around common spiritual principles.  When we choose to empower one another through our collective efforts, through our collective empathy and giving, every community member is afforded opportunities and experiences that have to experienced to be believed.


Because almost no one in society has lived in such a community I know it will be a hard sell. But fortunately I believe in God and the power of God's Spirit to reach into the hearts of my readers. In this way some hearts will be convinced of the truth of what I say about this new breed of community, which I call "Community 3.0". Community 1.0 is what we see all around us. They are the sprawling haphazard communities that grew up around industries, natural resources or proximity to a town, including planned communities that attract buyers by offering various amenities. But the common thread that keeps them locked into Community 1.0 status is that anyone with sufficient money can live there. There is no common shared spiritual life, no common shared ownership of the land and community buildings, no community wide plan for survival of natural disasters or terrorist attacks, no entrepreneurial engine to help community members build their own businesses, no on-site food production, no program to become self-sufficient and create alternative sources of sustainable energy so the entire community is capable of being off-grid, and no desire to build LEED certified "green" buildings. Community 2.0 includes the online communities that have sprung up around Web 2.0 technology. Community 3.0 integrates Community 2.0 with the practical goals I just stated in the previous sentence and the values listed below.


What is: "Community 3.0"?

  1. You choose your neighbors, share community land, own your home;
  2. Shared spiritual values that lead to a quiet, peaceful, meditative lifestyle;
  3. Shared love of healthy lifestyles: natural food, exercise, alternative medicine;
  4. Shared love and respect for the environment and "Green" building;
  5. ALL community and individual buildings 100% LEED Certified;
  6. All those who choose to live in a 3Circles Church Community must agree to be pre-screened, including a criminal background check;
  7. 100% Kid-Safe community environment with the best quality daycare;
  8. Checks and balances on internal governance so no one person or group can take control economically or politically;
  9. Every community member becomes part-owner of the community prior to moving there (with provisions for poorer people to earn ownership through sweat equity);
  10. When the community outgrows its environment, we divide and build another community, so as to maintain the quality of life associated with "3Circles Community 3.0".


I realize that many of you reading this will refuse to accept what I say about the emotional richness and increased spiritual power that comes with living in an intentionally built spiritual community.   And since most of us are successful enough to take care of our own, why seek the "Total Life Success" of living in an intentional, faith-based community?   Many of you could point to the practical outreach provided through giving to missions, and the charity extended via meals and gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas, as proof of your congregations love and concern.  Yes, those are all measures of love, but is that all Jesus requires of us?


In reference to love, Jesus said, "The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these"? Real love is not just sharing some gifts and meals at holiday time, it's also about giving one's personal possessions and space from time to time, giving what you can't afford to give, what's inconvenient to give, giving what costs you more than your spare change.  Real love is a total committment to God, where our work is not determined by a secular system and it's career paths, but by our desire to do what God wants us to do.  Real love seeks to eliminate the poverty of one's neighbors, not just pray for them.   In all of the many congregations I've worshipped with over the years, not one ever initiated a long-term entrepreneurial program aimed at eliminating the poverty within their own congregation.


However, there is one example of church funded entrepreneurism I've come across.  It involved an extremely poor black congregation in Georgia.   One day, one of their own had an idea of how they could eliminate their members dependence on welfare (approximately 90% were extremely poor).  Their collective poverty spanned generations, ever since their church was founded at the end of the Civil War.   Throughout the years church members pleaded with God, that their poverty might be taken from them.  I can imagine the preacher shouting out the same half-truth I've heard from a radio preacher, "All you need is faith".   Needless to say, faith was not enough and their prayers in this area went unanswered. 


I believe the reason why it took over a hundred years to find a solution was because they were looking for a miracle where none was needed.  God gave us a mind and two hands to work.  He's given us principles of prosperity in the scriptures and all they needed do was seek and apply them.  I guess they didn't fully comprehend that passage in James 2: 26, "For as the body without the Spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also". 


They could have had all the faith in the world, and they certainly prayed for help over a period of many generations, but until they got creative, came up with an idea, developed a plan of action and involved the entire congregation in working out the solution, nothing changed.    I see this as the exact same situation with the denominations built on a carnal structure and living a worldly lifestyle.  Until those of us who attend denominations, who also feel uneasy about the rampant hypocrisy, who have a sense that there should be something better, actually put our minds and feet and hands to the task, nothing is going to happen, no matter how many new programs are created within that structure. 


What finally ended the poverty of this congregation in Georgia was the idea of putting aside the money they had always sent to missions, so they could make their own congregation the mission field!   They took to heart those scriptures that said it was our duty to multiply what God has given into our stewardship (i.e. the parable of the Ten Talents) and fellow believers are to be considered family, the first to whom we extend a helping hand.  So they pooled the money that came in through the collection plate for their church building and missions, investing it in their congregation instead, which is the true church.


By redirecting these funds to the church business they began, they saw a dramatic increase in revenues.  As the church business became more and more profitable, they decided to re-invest those profits in the people of their congregation, seeding it into other businesses started by their congregation members.  The result was nothing less than astounding.  Within one generation they reversed that 90+% welfare dependent figure and now had 90% of their congregation financially stable, able to take care of their bills  without welfare assistance.  To be totally honest, I don't remember the exact details of this story, only the highlights and a few of the statistics.  So if you recognize your church and I've erred in correctly presenting the details, I hope you won't be offended by my less than perfect recollection.


This model for removing poverty from the lives of believers should be widely adopted, yet it is not.  I got the above information back in the mid-80's I believe, and that would mean they initiated their plan many years before.  So why has it remained an isolated experiment?   In a word, "hypocrisy".   If we truly loved one another, we would not rest until our fellow believers were free of their poverty, free of their slavery to debt.  Remember, Jesus directed his harshest words against the Pharisees and Saducees.   They were considered very religious by their fellow Jews, yet Jesus called them hypocrites, warning us against their example, "Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy" (Luke 12:1).  


We say we love God with all our heart, yet we don't love God enough to obey the Proverb that declares, "The borrower is slave to the lender".    We don't obey this obvious wisdom because we truly love this worlds goods more than we love God.   Otherwise we would surely discipline our spending and avoid debt.   We need to stop being slaves.   And how can we say we love one another as our self when we fail to take action regarding those impoverished within our own congregation, whose poverty, debt and emotional burdens are open sores on the body of Christ?  


The time and distance separation between traditional church members is an insurmountable barrier.  It stops us from having time to spend together regularly, which is the only way we would really know what most people are going through.  When you haven't had time to talk to someone for a few weeks and then you get together, it would take many hours to share what's really been going on in your life.  So we almost always carry on conversations that remain at the surface of what is really happening. 


In other words, we carry around our masks of happiness and respectability and friendliness, when many times we are not what we pretend to be.  This is the essence of hypocrisy.   We justify our hypocrisy in this area by saying we don't want to be a burden to others, all the while ignoring that scripture which tells us to share our burdens with one another.   Do you see the pattern here?   We are living according the world's dictates, not God's.  We rush around according to man's schedule, not God's.  This too is hypocrisy, and further proof that we do not "Love God with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind, and with all our strength".


We are told in Galations 6 that we should, "Bear one anothers burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" (the law of Christ is love).  We are also told to, "Exhort (give urgent advice, recommendations, or warnings to) one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.  For we are made partakers of Christ, IF we hold the beginning of our confidence stedfast until the end" (Hebrews 3:13-14).  We know from our own experiences that few share their burdens until their lives are a total wreck and it's obvious to everyone.  And daily exhortation is only possible in the context of a close knit community. 


In Titus 2 we are told that the older men should teach the younger men, and likewise the older women teach the younger women, how to love their spouse and their children.  Where do we see that being applied?   I have never seen such a program in my 33 years of Christian experience and yet this is the essence of what would give us victory over the widespread relational breakdowns, a mentoring type relationship with those who are older and wiser for their experience.  Is it any wonder that we who are spiritual have no less a rate of divorce then those who are without the knowledge of Christ?


To be totally honest, I did hear about one congregation that sought to apply Titus 2 through cell groups.  But this approach was like applying band-aids to cancer.   Meeting once a week to share how to deal with life issues, often long after such real world relational issues surfaced, is just not good enough.   It's really only possible to apply this (and many other) scriptures within the context of a close-knit community where we see and interact with one another daily.


At the root of all these disparities is our hypocrisy.  We say we love God but our actions show an unwillingness to change our lifestyle so we can obey his command to truly love one another.  The truth is that we love things the way they are; we love living as the world lives, even to the point of tolerating the same divorce rate and pretending  we are powerless to do anything about it.   In a word, we have become friends of the world.   James, the brother of Jesus, puts it this way, "Know you not that friendship with the world is enmity with God?  Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God" (James 4:4).


Once the leaven of this world has been hidden in our heart, it expands and matures and eventually overflows into the lives of those around us.  The world's system has us and we've chosen to go along with it's dictates.  And because we are just like most everyone else we feel justified in our hypocrisy.   This is why most of us are powerless to stop our divorces, or find someone who truly loves us.  We have a worldly mindset and we are reaping what we have sown.


What we have today is a "form of Godliness", a world centered form that blends in and doesn't cause too many waves.  We're afraid to be the "City on the hill", lest we be thought "odd" or called a "cult".  But if we truly believe, we will work at empowering one another instead of this world's system, a system that is moving all the more swiftly towards one world government by reason of our laboring on it's behalf, as it's employees. 


The men and women who hold positions of governance or pastoral leadership within each denomination do not deny God or God's power by their words as much as they deny God by their actions.  Their very individualistic and worldly lifestyle, living alone and separated from the flock, is proof they have become friends with the world.  And it is their continuance within the corrupt, carnal, denominational structure that furthers the world's purposes, even as they give lip service to furthering the Kingdom of God.   Therein is the root cause as to why they continue to lie to themselves, believing they are not hypocrites when they are, because living like everyone else they are blinded by the preponderance of opinion in their favor.


Furthermore, failing to see or admit that God moves in the lives of everyone, regardless of their religion or even their atheism, they see the movement of God in their midst and take credit for it, seeing in God's deliverance of others (which deliverance would happen with or without them) proof of their righteousness and the rightness of their denonomination. By such measurements of righteousness and comparing themselves one to another according to their own denominational beliefs, even the Catholic Church has been able to prove itself righteous to its adherents. "But we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." (II Cor. 10:12).


Paul tells us in I Cor. 3 that the denominational system is carnal, and in II Cor. 3 he tells us that putting the written scriptures above the Spirit of the Living God leads to spiritual death.  And yet we all continue to promote and feed this corrupt, spirit killing system as if it was a pattern ordained by God rather than created by men.   If that's not the essence of hypocrisy I don't know what is!


Is it any wonder that even born-again evangelical Christians have a divorce rate no different than the rest of the world around us?  Is it any wonder that so many televangelists, so many church leaders,  so many priests, are falling into such horrible sins?    Who among their congregation sees them on a daily basis to exhort them against such dangers?   Who among them would dare to admit they needed to share their burdens with other believers?  They wouldn't, because they know they could not trust those they confided in to keep it in confidence.


The denominational system is a prison that locks away it's followers, keeping them from obtaining the fulness of the Spirit of God.  I have seen the following happen again and again, that no sooner does the Spirit of God begin to move within a congregation then the Spirit is quenched because no one dares to interpret or speak outside that denomination's interpretive box.   Keeping in mind that the Holy Spirit is portrayed in the Bible as "new wine" and both the individual body and the collective body (the church) are symbolically linked to the goat skins they used as "wineskins", here is what Jesus says on this matter: "No one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins".


With these understandings I finally had to STOP going to traditional church services, because the leaven of their hypocrisy, as Jesus had warned, is not something you can overcome... it overcomes you.   The new wine God was bringing to them through me, they could not receive, because their mental containers were old and cracked and inflexible, because they viewed the written word as more important than the Living WORD and spiritual unity. I had to leave because they had a form of godliness that prevented the fullness of God's power from working in their midst.


Oh, to be sure they worked up emotions through the songs they sang, and they felt a sense of peace, as men are able to do in states of self-induced eupohoria, but the power of God working regular miracles or speaking his plans into the lives of individual congregants was denied them.  And even the pastors, being taught by other men ABOUT God but having little or no undersanding as to that glory to glory transformation which comes to those who meditate in God's presence for a minimum of one hour, have almost no personal experience with the fullness of God's power.  How can it be otherwise when both the leaders and their congregants refuse to obey God, choosing instead to remain on the surface of man's ritual and traditions? 


Renewal of the mind, as the Bible reminds us, begins with rebellion against the world's system ("Be not conformed to this world, but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind").   This is what enables us to not just love those who pay us back when we invite them to dinner, but also to love the unloveable and the deeply troubled among us. This renewal of our mind, through that glory-to-glory transformation process, is also what enables us to obey the aforementioned commands regarding how we are to love one another: exhorting one another daily; willingly sharing our burdens; taking in the homeless, the destitute and the downtrodden; and embracing this "fellowship of suffering" Peter told us we must share as part of loving one another. These things will happen as we separate ourselves from the worldly lifestyles we now embrace and begin mentoring the younger couples, daily exhorting them as to how they can truly love one another and their spouses.


To be sure there are exceptional spiritual men and women of God in every congregation.  Even in the Catholic church I met a nun who confessed she didn't really know Jesus Christ until just a few years previous.  That's quite an admission for someone who dedicated her life to serviing God and Jesus Christ for over four decades previous to her conversion.   Oh she knew much ABOUT Jesus Christ.  But until she was willing to let go of the old, let go of her Church's teachings and invite Christ to take the place of her church in her heart, she didn't truly know Jesus or God. She helped us establish our ministry in St. John's Newfoundland, helping us furnish and fix up the 13 room home we rented as well as steering people our way, people her Catholic church was unable or unwilling to help. We took in the homeless, the mentally disabled and we developed a youth ministry for St. John's street kids.


However, those of us who have experienced the power and joy of living in community have experienced this renewal of the heart and spirit over and over on a daily basis.   We don't have to be emotionally manipulated to go up to an altar and confess in front of an entire congregation, nor do we suffer the constant backsliding that is considered normal in evangelistic circles, where the same people go back to the altar again and again and again, hoping to re-ignite the spiritual fire that once burned so bright.   The only way to get a lasting victory is to, "Come out from among them and be you separate says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you" (II Cor. 6:17).


There is only one church and that church is composed of every believer, whether outside or inside each denomination.  Some of those believers don't even know Jesus Christ yet.  Others may be involved with New Age or Occultic practices, yet you sense God speaking to you through my words.  And there are still others who presently do not believe in God, but one day will.  I make no judgement as to where anyone will end up spiritually, knowing that as long as I remain in tune with God my spirit will bear witness to those who will one day be God's children. I must simply be obedient to God's call on my life, knowing the Holy Spirit is much better at revealing truth than I.  


My purpose is not to teach people about God, nor is it to focus on scriptural interpretations. Rather, I am to teach others how to get close to God, so they can have the same first hand experience of abiding in God's glorious presence.  God in them, and they in God.  Or as Jesus put it, in John 14: "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you... At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.  Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?  Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.  He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings".


I do not lust for power or believe that I alone have the answers.  What God has revealed to me is but one piece of the puzzle.   But if I can help even one person discover God's plan for their life, if I can help them become "more than a conqueror", help them become free spiritually and financially, then I will have fulfilled my purpose.   Those of you who are still worshipping in the traditional denominational manner and living as everyone else lives, separated by geography, time and ideology from those you love, you will have the hardest time breaking free of those denominational chains which now bind your mind. But with prayer and meditation, by using your God given intelligence to consider carefully what is being taught versus what the Spirit of God reveals, you will find the strength to break free.


We must rediscover what early Christians knew, that unity in community is what unleashes the power of God in our midst.  Not just a power that might wash over us a few times in our lifetime, but a power that washes over us daily.  "For we are not as many, who corrupt the Word of God... You are the epistle (letter) of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God; not in tables of stone (referring to the 10 commandments) but in fleshly tables of the heart... God has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: FOR THE LETTER KILLS BUT THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE... now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (II Cor. 3). 


A Little History


In my coming book, "Leave the Church - Your Life Depends On It", subtitled, "How Denominational Religion Has Shut Up The Kingdom of Heaven And Robbed You Of Your Spiritual Freedom And Power", I elaborate on how the church aligned itself with Rome creating an unholy alliance of church and state.   This alliance resulted in the establishment of man's institutional religion and gave rise to this "church" having state sanctioned power to kill anyone who opposed it, including countless fellow Christians.   Over the next thirteen centuries, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, were excommunicated, tortured, beheaded, hung, drowned and burned alive at the stake, all in the name of Jesus Christ.   A reading of "Fox's Book of Martyr's" will instruct you in just how widespread this evil was. 


The Catholic Church, along with other orthodox denominations closely aligned with the Catholic church (but who later broke away) initiated a draconian policy of censorship.  This censorship extended to books of the bible that had been considered inspired for over 300 years.  These so-called non-canonical scriptures were ordered burned by the Catholic Church.   And anyone caught with them was burned along with those banned scriptures.  As a result over 100 such letters and "books" were thought to be lost forever.  However, discoveries beginning in the late 19th century and continuing to this day have given us many of those so-called "lost" books.  They were not lost, of course, they were forbidden and banned.


Keep in mind that these so-called men of God who gave us our present day New Testament, couldn't even agree on the books of John and Revelations.  For nearly 100 years they went back and forth, identifying them as canon and then removing them.   The creation of the canon, the officially approved books that would make up the New Testament, all took place AFTER the first Council of Nicea which was convened by the Roman Emperor Constantiine, in 325 A. D.   There is no certain answer as to when our present New Testament was agreed upon, only that we are sure it was sometime around 367 A.D. when the Bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, gave a list of 27 books that reflect our present New Testament.


However, different bibles were created based on the declarations of canon by various church fathers and some of those manuscripts survive to this day.  Some contained books like the Shepherd of Hermas, the Epistle of Barnabas, 1 & 2 Clement, Acts of Paul and Revelations of Peter.  These facts were never taught to me in any congregation I was ever associated with (and I've visited or regularly attended hundreds).   Rather, I was led to believe that the entire New Testament, being absolutely essential to salvation and necessary for the building up of the Church, was delivered to us shortly after the death of Jesus, as we have them today.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


But here's the real kicker.  The Bible declares that "[God]... has made us able ministers of the NEW TESTAMENT; NOT OF THE LETTER, BUT OF THE SPIRIT, for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life" (II Cor. 3:5-6).   Considering that the books of the bible we today call the New Testament were not agreed upon and gathered into one book until the late 4th Century, we have to ask ourselves, "What is the new testament being referred to by Paul in his letter to the Corinthians? 


The New Testament is the covenant of God with man, through his Son, Jesus, a covenant that is written on our hearts, a covenant that is not physical, but Spiritual.  The REAL New Testament is God's living Spirit, in us.  At the death of Jesus there was an earthquake and the heavy cloth vail in the Jewish temple, which separated the priests from the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant stood, was rent in two. Thus God declared that all mankind now had the same authority and access to God as the priests; we could forgive sins; we could enter into God's presence; we could hear God's voice. This was also part of the "new covenant" which was translated as the "new testament". It is abundantly clear to those of us who read the scriptures without the predefined interpretations of man's denominational religion, that this is the obvious and true meaning delivered by the Apostle Paul when he declared that disciples of Jesus Christ are "Ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life".   


Now, do you begin to see a pattern of deception being practiced by our denominational leaders, who surely are educated as to how we got our present New Testament?  It may not be intentional on their part, but because they have been taught by other men, rather than by the Holy Spirit, they are unable to see this vital truth.   For if we continue to think of the New Testament only as a collection of scriptural letters, then we fail to comprehend or partake in what Jesus referred to as "The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven".


This is the pattern for which God has given me discernment, that man in his desire to create a form of Godliness has purposely transformed the great mysteries of the Spirit, delivered to us by Jesus Christ, into tangible objects that appeal to the masses.  The New Testament is not the only one.  I will elaborate on others in my book, "Leave the Church - Your Life Depends On It".   Given the above understanding about the REAL New Testament it seems blasphemous to me that we call what is physical, what can be bought and sold, our "New Testament", especially when the book itself declares it is not! 


Another major difference between the shallow "form of religion" we have today and the deep spiritual form Jesus delivered, is that he did not try to reach the masses and convert everyone.  We have a record of this in Matthew 13.   The disciples notice that Jesus speaks to them plainly about his parables, explaining their exact meaning, but to the masses he speaks only in parables.  They ask, "Why do you speak to them in parables"?   To which Jesus replies, "Because it is given to you to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it is not given... For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them". 


In other words, Jesus respects the fact that it is the work of the Holy Spirit to draw men and women to God.  If he explained to everyone the exact nature of his parables, then people would be getting converted, people who were not ready spiritually. It is vital to understand what Jesus has just said in the above quote from Matthew 13. He clearly declares that he does NOT want to convert and heal those who lack spiritual awareness.


The pews of countless congregations are today filled with people who's "heart is waxed gross" because they had everything explained to them.  Many were even manipulated into their conversion by "Hell fire and brimstone" preaching.  Given a choice between the possibility of hell or heaven, many people choose heaven, even though their hearts are spiritually gross, unable to really understand what such a committment to Christ really means.  Such people were converted and many were healed but because they were not spiritually ready they have infected the church of Jesus Christ with their gross, ego dominated natures. They have no idea as to how to "Abide in Christ", how to "Be still and KNOW God", or how to "Love one another as I have loved you". This is the root cause of their hypocrisy, and as Jesus warned, "A little leaven, leavens the whole lump". Countless generations within this spiritually dead, divided Christian church have thus spread their false knowledge, even forcefully and violently destroying those who were truly awakened spiritually, whom God had called to help renew the church. And so it is that even to this day the vast majority of so-called "Christians" will fight to destroy those who have come to know the "Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven".  


What has all this got to do with a book about prosperity and my Twelfth Principle?   Plenty.   Prosperity is multi-faceted. It includes spiritual prosperity. And spiritual prosperity, if it is to remain healthy and vibrant, is not something we can create and sustain as individuals. Every city on the continent of India provides examples of men who left their wives and children to go off into the mountains alone, to become enlightened. Long ago I saw a documentary about this phenomenon and was appalled at how their society revered and rewarded such men, believing them to be enlightened simply because they said they were! The families of these so-called "gurus" were doomed to sink even deeper into poverty. But real spiritual prosperity embraces the family, it does not abandon them.


And real spiritual prosperity extends its loving arms beyond one's immediate family to embrace others, to embrace community. That is the nature of love, it must reach out to those we know and have relationships with. And as one's love matures it can no longer be sustained simply by emotions, it must also embrace our God given will to love. This is a self-disciplined kind of love, able to seek those of like mind, to gather and organize and create a dynamo of human productivity, a loving community that multiplies what little each may have brought to the community, until the whole is so much greater then the sum of it's parts.


Such a financial, emotional and spiritual prosperity is what I call Total Life Success. If that kind of prosperity is your goal, not just making lots of money, then being part of an intentional community such as 3Circles Church Communities is not an option, it's a necessity. And whether your participation starts online with our 3CCC membership website or offline with our local 3CCC Fellowship Groups, the most important thing is to step out in faith and get involved. 


Since the 1960's I have studied, visited, lived in and created spiritually centered intentional communities.  I personally started two communities, one before I became a Christian, the other one afterwards, and I was a consultant for helping to establish two other community startups.  I also lived in several communes back in the 60's.  Establishing communities of faith is my calling, as revealed by God when I was taken to heaven in June of 1974 (http://www.3circles.net/heaven). 


So why, some will ask, has it taken you three decades to establish the first 3Circles Community?   In a word, "Timing".   To elaborate, I should say, "In God's timing".   Believe me, having seen God work extremely fast in the establishment of those first two communities, I expected it would be sooner rather than later for the first 3Circles Church Community... but I was wrong. 


One of the things that helped me realize the timing for establishing the first 3Circles Church Community was off in the future was when, over a period of several years, God repeatedly brought the word "infrastructure" to mind during my meditations.   I soon realized "Infrastructure", as in facilities, communications and electric utilities, material goods or the logistics of planning, wasn't what God was trying to get me to understand.   I began to see that creating a successful, long-lasting, spiritually centered community is about setting up a supporting infrastructure of ideas.   Let's face it, there are going to be many competing ideas in any community, but if there is a framework of ideas which everyone can mostly agree with, we'll all be more focused, accomplish more, and have a greater love and unity for one another.   And believe me, if you want to thoroughly examine the plethora of ideas surrounding community, so that you understand which one's to keep and integrate with those God gives you by reason of inspiration, it WILL take decades!!


Here are some of the ideas I've developed and work that has been accomplished towards the launch of 3Circles Church Community:


* A clear understanding, given to me by God, that traditional Christian religion is based on a foundation of lies, distortions and idolatry, all born out of the desire to appeal to the maximum number of people for the purpose of creating their religious empire.

* Discovered and developed over 50 foundational principles that will help each individual discover God's plan for their life, and keep our community united.

* Created a plan for community governance that assures a balance of power, eliminating potential problems like the founder making all the decisions or some community-based factions Lording it over others.


* Discovered and developed a simple but profoud method of daily meditation that taps into God's glory-to-glory transformational power.


* Determined methods for alleviating psychological & relational problems associated with living in a close-knit community, based on my own community experiences and my wife's experience as trained counselor with a Master's Degree.

* Integration of our community model with a two decade old successful alternative, do-it-yourself banking system called the Time Bank. As a member we are able to issue Time Dollars in exchange for services performed. This is a great way for people with limited funds to get things done that they couldn't afford otherwise, and it helps our members find ways to contribute their time in the service of others.

* Founded and managed my own Internet access and web hosting business for 7 years; this knowledge will be used to help each 3Circles Church Community become it's own ISP (Internet Services Provider); this will bypass the need to use outside ISP's and protect each community's privacy.


* Developed a unique Internet based marketing plan for 3Circles Church Community based businesses, one that eliminates sales hype, increases face-to-face communication regardless of the distance, and offers increased levels of trust to potential customers.


* Developed a unique hybrid publishing model that combines author initiated self-publishing with the distribution and marketing advantages of our own publishing business (3Circles Community Publishing) allowing us to offer author commissions above the national average.  3Circles Community Publishing will work closely with the authors of the books it carries, creating additional profits for both the author and our publishing company as we help them create an info-preneuring empire of value-added, multi-media products around their original non-fiction book.


* Created and established a multi-layered website able to provide general information to the public but with added Web 2.0 capabilities as well as inside info to our members. We also provide access to other products and tools: a blogging website for spiritual transformation; online web-conferencing software; business to business and member to member collaborative networking tools; and web-based sales of both community and individual member products and services, including a highly sensitive biofeedback headset that provides feedback on meditation progress.


* The writing of two books, this one on financial freedom and a second one focused on spiritual freedom called  "Leave the Church - Your Life Depends On It" (this one is not yet completed). These books will helps us spread the word about our new spirit-centered church community model.


The above milestones are one form of consolation for my investing these many years of labor into God's calling.  But the main consolation will be the joy I see in other faces as they experience what I experienced so long ago, knowing that this time what we build together will last for an eternity.  The time for establishment of the first 3Circles Church Community is near, very near.  From time to time I feel as if I'm transported to some future time, so real are the periodic glimpses I get of our communities life.


I know that countless generations will benefit from what we build and establish through our network of 3Circles Church Communities.   Many hearts will be transformed and enriched by the love we shed abroad.   And think about the positive effects on our children!   It is for all these reasons that I am totally confident regarding the successful establishment and future longevity of each 3Circles Church Community


A Little Background


In the summer of 1970 I was traveling with a gypsy fellow from Poland and his two women.  This was 3 and a-half years before I accepted Christ into my heart.  We stopped at a lake to swim and as I looked across to the other side I had a very profound experience.   I knew, I mean I really KNEW that I was to start a community on the other side of that Lake.   From that moment on I felt like I was inside some giant vortex of energy. I was connected to that energy in such a way as to know what to do and when to do it.  Everything flowed as though it were pre-ordained.   Within two weeks from the time I revisited the Lake, making a trip to the other side to scout it out, some 20 plus people (including a few children) were traveling with me in various vehicles, ready to begin our new life as a community.   We had all the money we needed, all the tools, and everyone believed it was meant to be.


When we arrived at the edge of this lake we had no boat to get to the other side.  We had previously decided to build two rafts, create a make shift sail out of an old parachute, and paddle to the other side, so we did have a plan, albeit a very unorganized one.  The land was Crown land, meaning it was owned by the Canadian government, but I had discovered a little known mining rights law that would prevent the authorities from throwing us off the land.  This worked initially. When the police came and saw our legal mining claim, they were powerless.  Eventually, however, they used immigration laws to divide and conquer, since most of us were Americans living in Canada for various reasons.  At the time I did not understand the importance of meeting with the local people, who had been there way before us and were understandably fearful.


My second community experiment began in 1974, about six months after I invited the spirit of Christ into my heart.  Four of us believers were led by God to start a Christian community.   You can read more about that community experience by reading my free mini ebook,“Taken to Heaven”.  Just go to http://www.3circles.net/heaven.


I learned much from starting those two communities.  But the most valuable lesson was learning what to do to prevent failure the next time. I realized I needed an infrastructure of ideas and a plan of action for implementing them.  The ideas would be the glue, the higher purpose that draws people together and keeps them energized and positive, focused on manifesting God's kingdom here on earth.  As a young man I was often impatient to a fault, desiring to see the first community become a reality that year or the next. To me, the greatest proof of God's hand upon my life and this ministry was that I learned to be patient and was able to wait till God's wisdom manifested the infrastructural ideas behind 3Circles Church Communities. 


Over the intervening years there were some 35 people who felt called to join with me.  However, no one ever persevered long enough to see the vision fulfilled.  Even though their spirit bore witness with my spirit, even though many admitted God spoke to them clearly and they knew it was God’s will, God’s will did not come to pass for them. 


I see this same pattern again and again.  People, who originally believed something to be God’s will, eventually talk themselves into believing it must not be God’s will.  The logic goes something like this, “If this was really God’s will, surely it shouldn’t be this hard”.   Or they might say something like, “I’m not being blessed therefore it can’t be God’s will” (i.e. a “blessing” to them means something easy and immediately gratifying).   Another mind game goes like this, “Since God is not the author of confusion and I’m feeling so conflicted inside, having no inner peace about this, then what I thought was God’s will must no longer be (or never really was) God’s will”. 


My fellow believer, when God’s will is revealed we can know with certainty that the essence of what was revealed will not change. If we say that God’s will was “thus and so” and later on we deny what was originally revealed, it is our determination that has wavered, it is our unwillingness to suffer through the hard times that diverted us. This is our doing, not God’s.  It saddens me immensely to see this happen so often among fellow believers.


I have even known four people who had angels appear to them at different places and times, verifying God’s will regarding what they were wrestling with, and yet 6 or 7 months later, after much re-thinking due to difficulties that subsequently arose, they were able to totally disregard their angelic visitation, including the great peace and joy they originally experienced! 


I firmly believe that the reason for this wavering is that most believers are still caught up in the carnal mindset of their denominational structure, and it is that leaven that works itself into their heart again and again. This leaven prevents them from persevering with any calling that might lead them to abandon what is familiar and comfortable.  In other words, they are trained by a system that focuses on the external scriptures for answers. More often than not this eventually renders mute the Spirits inner calling to do something new.


It is time to declare that there is a crisis of biblical proportions among believers.  That crisis is a lack of faith. It's borne of an unwillingness to be different, an unwillingness to take the kind of risks that cause others to label us as "fools" or "crazy". If we truly believe we should "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind", then how is it that we continue to live and act no different than anyone else? There is definitely an unwillingness to suffer the slings and arrows of ridicule that always accompanies stepping out in faith towards great accomplishments. 


It's inevitable that the early adopters of something new will suffer disproportionately to those who come later, after the community is established.  However, those who are part of the initial creation and building of these 3Circles Church Communities will also be blessed disproportionately to the effort they put in, beyond anything those who later follow will experience.   The same is true for financial remuneration.  That is just the way it is in this physical universe we live in. 


This same problem, remaining faithful to our original understanding of God's will, is something each of us will face before and after we start a home-based business, especially as we try to put into practice these Twelve Principles of Prosperity.   Without a disciplined, vigilant mind to help keep us focused on our goal, and without the faith and patience to see us through the inevitable difficulties that arise, Total Life Success will be unattainable.


Key Concepts for 3Circles Church Communities

You will find more detail on my website about 3Circles Church Communities. However, I want to take the time here to explore a few concepts vital to the establishment of our community and your success.  For a community to thrive, there must be a common belief system.  How do we do this without stifling those who are already on the path, who may be younger, limited in their understandings by their lack of experience or knowledge but no less zealous in their desire to know the truth and do God's will?  This is the reasoning behind my concept of the 3Circles.  


In a traditional denomination (which includes so-called “non-denominations”) church membership is given only after you agree to believe exactly what that denomination believes.  In other words when you have arrived at the “Right” understanding, you receive the "Right Hand of Fellowship", as it's often called. 


In a 3Circles Church Community, membership is not determined by one’s level of understanding or maturity, it is determined by a simple belief in God, a willingness to embrace our foundational principles, and a committment to work with us towards our common goal of building online and real-world 3Circles Church Communities. A person's faith, their religion, or their denominational upbringing doesn't matter if they are growing spiritually, see some measure of truth in our principles and are spiritually drawn to embrace our community.


What matters most is that our spirit bears witness with their spirit, that they are open, teachable and willing to grow.   This is a more organic approach, based on spiritual discernment and relational ability. This allows people to grow together, to teach and learn from one another rather than being divided by their levels of maturity and understanding or by their socio-economic upbringing.  We are to be a community that learns from one another, a community of thinkers, a community that breaks down barriers of socio-economic status and education, not a community that seeks to extend fellowship only for those who agree to interpret the scriptures exactly as we do.


So, what are the "3Circles" in a 3Circles Church Community?


The first circle is the “Circle of Belief”. Within this circle there are three other circles:

  1. Belief in God
  2. Belief in the Golden Rule
  3. Belief in the Free Will Sovereignty of every Human Being

Belief in God, in a "Higher Power", in an intelligent design, or whatever you might identify as the creator of the universe. This is the common thread with which community members will weave their tapestry of forgiveness, love, unity and economic empowerment.


However, along with a belief in God, regardless of one's previous religion or denomination, there must be certain related, common beliefs to form a strong core of fellowship. 


Belief in the “Golden Rule” is one such common belief, an absolute necessity if we are to get along with one another. There isn't really much that can be said about the Golden Rule... it is just one of the best statements on how to live in harmony with others: "And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise" (Luke 6:31).


A related shared belief, which follows the Golden Rule principle is the belief that God has given life to each of us, therefore we believe only God has the authority to take life.  This precludes suicide, euthanasia or abortion as an individual "right".   No one should ever choose to destroy the life of an unborn child simply because the child was an embarrassment, an inconvenience or not wanted.  A conceived child is a sovereign being who has a right to life and that principle demands we take up the fight for the unborn child's right to live.  However, in the area of rape or incest there is not the same moral obligation to the child because there was force against the mother’s will.  In that case the final decision must rest with the sovereignty of the woman’s will, whose life was forcefully changed by the violent invasion of her being. 


Belief in Individual Sovereignty in the free will sovereignty of every human being, is central to a community that wishes to experience the fullness of God's blessings.  Unless we hold to the sanctity of life, unless we assume responsibility for our actions, unless we believe only God should have the power to give life and take it away, how can we empower our community to value the sovereignty of each person, even those who have been conceived but are yet unborn?


Additionally, there are the following life related beliefs we hold in common:   

* A belief that the sovereignty of one’s nation derives from the individual sovereignty of it’s people (WE the People);

* Upholding the sanctity of the rule of law, which in the United States means upholding our nation’s founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights; documents which promote individual freedom and government limited by the will of the people;

* The promotion of individual financial and spiritual freedom;

* A desire to protect our planet for future generations, so long as that protection does not undermine or destroy the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people, especially private property rights.

In other words, what leads to liberty, preservation of life and freedom should be part of every community member’s belief system. These foundational principles of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" are the common threads that promote unity... which is of course, the basis for any vibrant community.


The second circle is the “Circle of Learning & Vision”.   We believe life is a lifelong journey of learning, spiritual insights and helping others. Our community is designed to assist each member on their journey towards greater awareness and freedom: spiritual, financial, emotional, and mental freedom.   To that end there will be course materials and mentoring.  We believe that "without a vision, the people perish", therefore we believe God will enlighten each of us personally, with our own vision and understanding of our life purpose.


The third or inner circle is "The Circle of Community Development and Expansion". I also refer to it as the “The Gathering and Building Circle”.  Those with greater spiritual awareness, who have recognized their responsibility to share the light of God's love through forgiveness, compassionate giving and teaching, form this third circle. They actively seek to lead others to experience the same financial and spiritual freedom.  Such a person's life teaches more by example then by sermon.  Many will be co-managers of their 3Circles Church Community, being at the heart of its decision-making, helping to create programs that continually revitalize their community and enable its interaction with other 3Circles Church Communities.  As each community nears it's maximum capacity in terms of acreage, some will recieve God's call to break away and establish a new community.


Now I would now like to introduce you to one of our more important documents:  The "3Circles Foundational Principles for Individuals".  


3Circles Foundational Principles for Individuals©:


1) I believe in a power greater than myself, a creative force, a force which science is continuously proving operates by intelligent design.


2) I humble myself before that power and by quieting my mind I listen, so that I might come to KNOW what is best and what is true in life.


3) I compare myself to the perfection of that power rather than the imperfection of other humans, for the first leads to humility while the second leads to vanity and haughtiness.  Through this self-discipline I have learned that no human is perfect, fully holy or totally good.   Therefore, in this aspect I am equal to all others and must never treat some better than others.


4) I choose to practice the Golden Rule, to do unto others even as I would have them do unto me because I know that I, along with all other human beings, am created in the image of that intelligence which designed me, with the same qualities of creativity, sovereign free will, and physical adaptability to all environments.  Therefore, I have not only the adaptability but also the consciousness and the conscience to rise above my circumstances and be a good steward of that environment which sustains me.


5) I continually choose freedom and to help others become free: physically free, mentally free, and spiritually free.   I understand this principle, that whatever I put my time and money and resources into, that is what I have chosen to empower.   Furthermore, I realize that whatever I empower I give some measure of power over myself and my loved ones.   Therefore, from this moment on, I choose only to empower that which serves to make myself and others free, thereby creating a better world. 


6) I accept that I am a spirit being in a fleshly body and that every spirit being has a purpose, therefore I ever seek to understand my life purpose and to help others to find theirs, that each one of us might find happiness and joy, the purpose of which is not to be free of pain or sorrow, but rather to transform sorrow into joy.


7) Having a free and sovereign will, I know that the idea of fate undermines that truth and renders it impotent.   I understand that not everything happens for a reason, for the will of another may rob me temporarily of my own free will.  Therefore, though not everything is part of God’s plan, whatever happens I will integrate it into God’s plan and work it out to the good.


8) God created male and female by design, not just for procreation but also for our enlightenment.  Therefore, contrary to popular opinion, women need men and men need women.   We make a conscious choice to embrace our differences, to understand how the opposite sex is vital to our psychological and spiritual wholeness.  This is not only for our own well being, but also that there might be a good attitude of respect towards each other, order in the home and the harmony of love throughout our entire community.


9) There is a hierarchy to all of creation; there is also a hierarchy of effectiveness in our prayers and meditations.    By this understanding we come to realize why some prayers are harder to make effectual than others and we learn how to pray with power.


I am not so naïve as to believe that everyone who says they believe in God truly believes in God.  I am also aware that spiritual growth is dynamic and fluid, that I was once blinded by many of the beliefs I no longer hold.  Given this understanding, and to assure the peace and tranquility of a community of people who have come from backgrounds of diverse faith, each 3Circles Church Community will be formed of people who agree to let go of their traditions and their traditional beliefs in order to embrace something totally new, something not yet known in it’s entirety.


In other words, community members decide to agree on the ideas of this basic infrastructural framework, thereby helping to promote un-feigned love and freedom: spiritual, financial, emotional, and mental freedom.  Without Spiritual Freedom our community cannot thrive. If some of our community members believe in it but others do not, there will be disharmony. 


The process of community growth and decay is a clearly defined historical pattern: Those with new ideas create something new; Those who had the ideas and created the community hold the power and seek to maintain the status quo; Others come along with new ideas but that means change and changes are resisted by those in power; If those with the new ideas are not accomodated and gain a substantial following, they break away and start some other type of non-affiliated community.


The only way to maintain stability and avoid such a scenario is to build an infrastructure of ideas that keep the community vital and growing, allowing for a balance of power between old and young factions. Even then, there will still be a need for some young people to break away and start something new. This can be accomodated rather than feared because unlike other animals, for which overpopulation inevitably brings starvation and a reduction in numbers, the human species can choose to divide and establish a new colony in a new geographic location. As long as the new community they start adheres to the basic 3Circles Church Community Foundational Principles they will go with our blessing and sufficient seed money to succeed. It is our intention to create a formal infrastructure for this purpose, for the creation and establishment of new 3Circles Church Communities whenever an existing community nears overpopulation of their habitat.


Another way we will defuse this natural youthful tension and still maintain stability within the community, is to provide a faster path to adulthood for those youth ready to embrace an independent life. Robert Epstein, former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, has written an extremely enlightening book called, "The Case Against Adolescence". In his book he states the following:

"Teens I learned had been treated like adults throughout most of human history. It's only recently that they've been infantilized... I also knew, vaguely, that in other times young people had had more responsibility and authority than they have today, but I had never thought to ask about what had happened to all that authority and responsibility... Beginning in the late 1800's, new laws and cultural practices began to isolate teens from adults, imposing on them an increasingly large set of restrictions and artifically extending childhood well past puberty... Young people are capable of making great contributions to society, but they currently have virtually no way of being heard... in times past young people often accomplished great things; it's tough for them to do so in today's America. Teens need to be judged (a) as individuals, not as a group (b) based on their compentencies, not on their age, (c) based on their potential for learning and growth, not merely on their current characteristics, and (d) without disparaging labels like 'adolescent', which implies limits or flaws. As I hope you'll discover in this volume, the theses I'm putting forth - that adolescence is a historical anomaly, that we infantilize our young people unnecessarily and extremely, that many or most teens are capable of functioning as adults in a number of ways, and that infantilization has serious negative consequences for our society - are also supported by converging evidence from multiple fields."


I firmly believe, contrary to popular opinion, that most of the problems with teenagers and pre-teens is not their doing but ours. As a society I see many areas where we have abandoned reason and common sense and this one I find particularly egregious, since the lives of many young adults are destroyed by our desire to "protect" them.


Created in God's Image


Individual empowerment, which is at the heart of every 3Circles Church Community, is enabled in direct proportion to our understanding of Spiritual Freedom. But the understanding of Spiritual Freedom requires us to also understand three interrelated ideas: Free Will; Individual Sovereignty; and The Image of God. The Biblical, Christian premise that we are created in the image of God is the core idea around which the other two, individual sovereignty and free will, revolve.  if you happen to believe that man has no special place in creation and that we are no different than the animals with regards the ecology of this planet, please, show me some courtesy and hear me out. I guarantee you've not encountered these ideas and reasonings before. 

Here is what I have determined in my meditations regarding what it means to be created in God’s image.

FIRST, it means that we, like God, are sovereign, because we possess the same free will. We choose, for the promotion of a just and fair society, to limit our sovereign individual freedoms through government.  Without imposing limits that are backed by law, man is even free to destroy those they disagree with.


It says in our Declaration of Independence that all men and women are created equal in terms of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that it was God, not man, who endowed us with those rights.  This understanding, that our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come from God and not from man and his man-made government, is unique in all the world.  It is that understanding which limits the arbitrary capricious power that all governments wield.  Our government was founded by men who understood a government founded on equality must derive its just powers from the consent of the governed, a sovereign people whose sovereign will trumps that of the sovereign government they created.  Anyone who doubts that the power of our U.S. republican form of government has been kept in check by the exercise of the individual free will of it's people should go back and study their American History. 


There is this pernicious lie going around, that we humans hold no greater significance than an animal or any other part of creation for that matter. This deception, if allowed to grow, would usher in an era of even greater tyranny by government.  When the sacredness of man's God given free will is placed on the same level as an animals, men will soon enough find justification for treating people like animals, to be herded, tagged and numbered, managed and even "thinned out". The first casualty of this lie has already taken hold. It is the dismantling of hundreds of years of legal precedence with regards individual property rights. 


More recently the Supreme Court of the U.S. further eroded private property rights.   For the first time in our history, following a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, states and local municipalities have been allowed to take any private property which could be resold to private property developers if the new developer could show their development would substantially benefit the municipality or state through increased revenues.   All across this nation a floodgate has been opened and those with money are taking away private property that heretofore they could not touch, because it was previously protected by the Constitution.  In other words, the Supreme Court has redefined the Constitutional protection of individual property rights to favor towns, cities, municipalities, states and rich real estate developers. Since individuals with individual property in or near a municipality cannot provide the same level of financial "benefit" to the community, the rights of the local government will almost always trump that of the individual.  For instance, long time neighborhoods of individual houses are now being taken through this redefining of Eminent Domain, so the local municipality can put up condos or high rises in their place.


As an interesting aside, I believe “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” are three circles which correspond with the three I previously outlined: “Belief, Vision and Community”.   LIFE is created or destroyed by what we believe and it is because of our belief in life, our determination to pursue life at all costs, that the other two circles are made possible to attain.  LIBERTY comes in fullness only to those who have discovered their life purpose, their Vision, and who are actively working to fulfill that purpose. People who do not know who they are or why they are here on this earth are not truly free. HAPPINESS is not the goal, the Pursuit of Happiness is the goal, for there are no guarantees in this life that we will find it.  And it is only through a connected life, a life made rich through true friendship and the love of those in one’s community that Happiness can be obtained to the greatest degree. 


Now the following fact is very important to understand.  I want you to realize that government, especially a Constitutional Republican form of government, which is the form we US citizens have, is something that only humans are able to create, and for all it’s inherent weaknesses it still represents man’s highest achievement.   And the reason is this, that our government, with its Declaration of Independence, its Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and a balance of power between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, has provided us with a way to rise above the animals in this respect, that unlike their world, where it is ALWAYS survival of the fittest, citizens of the United States are assured, by law, that they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, even if they are not the brightest, the strongest, or the richest. 


That egalitarian concept is something that few ecological or anti-US protesters acknowledge or understand.   Is our society and it’s government flawed?  Of course, but when viewed in the context of history and all the other governments on the face of this planet, it is the best ever created.  This is a truth made obvious by the millions who seek refuge and citizenship as an American and by the continual tweaking of our system by various societal factions to achieve the outcomes they desire. Unfortunately, this is not always so obvious to those who have always been free, who have taken their freedom for granted.


SECOND, being created in God’s image also means that we, like God, have a capacity to be creative and alter our environment to suit our need, enabling us to go anywhere on earth, from the tallest mountain to the greatest depths of the sea, and still survive.  No other animal on planet earth can do that.   


THIRD, all of mankind possesses the power of a written, as well as a spoken language.  This has allowed people who speak different languages to communicate with one another and share ideas, as part of that creative process.  Thus mankind was able to create commerce and multiply it’s collective wealth; initially the wealth of an extremely small number of individuals, but eventually huge numbers of poor people were brought into the middle class, having a higher standard of living then their parents ever dreamed of.  


FOURTH, animals do not engage in commerce, only man does.  Without commerce there is no civilization.  This is a simple but profound truth.  With the wealth that civilizations were able to amass, some were free to create art, sculpture and music.  Others established museums and educational institutions.   Eventually mankind’s creativity led to the invention of the printing press.   For the first time in human history the common man was able to promote his own ideas.  For millennia before, this was only possible for rich rulers and lords, those who could afford to hire the scribes who laboriously recorded the history of mankind. 


We forget, in this day of corporate bashing and hatred towards the rich, that it was the capitalist system of wealth creation which finally gave us humans the resources necessary to research and develop cures to most of natures great diseases: typhoid, diphtheria, polio... the list is long.  It also gave us stainless steel and smooth plastic countertops and refrigeration and household cleaning disinfectants, all of which allowed us to create a universal standard of healthy living that is today the envy of every developing country.   Without those amenities, which we now take for granted, our life span would be much shorter (as it is in most of the undeveloped world) due to the stress of fighting off bacterial infections from spoiling foods and unclean surfaces where our food is prepared. 


FIFTH, the recording of history is one more thing that man can do but animals cannot.  The benefit of historical records is beyond estimation, for they enable future generations to learn from the mistakes of past generations and thereby create an even better world… assuming we teach history honestly and learn from our historical mistakes.


And yet, in spite of the obvious truths stated above, I regularly hear the whining of imbeciles, those who have lost all perspective, believing man is no more important than a plant, an animal or an insect.   They turn out in vast numbers to save a beached whale (which I have no objection to, it is a worthy thing to help animals) but do nothing to save the lives of the innocent unborn they so willingly sacrifice in the name of “choice”.   The baby has no choice, and neither does the man. The responsibility for this genocide I lay at the feet of the self-centered women who believe they have the right to copulate as men without consequence, with no thought for the feelings or the equally sovereign wills of the baby or the man.   Many men also champion the cause of this so-called “pro-choice” position, men who have lost their way, who no longer stand for life. 


The killing fields of the abortion clinics which surround us have numbed us to this truth, that being created in the image of God does not make us God, it simply means we have the same free will, the same creative potential, the same responsibility as God to be good stewards of that which he gave us dominion over.   I ask you, can a plant or an animal choose to travel to other planets; can they communicate in multiple languages so that natural barriers to communication are removed; can they erect cities, or develop commerce, or record their history for future generations to learn from; does the mind of an animal have the capacity for ideas that would result in their building schools to teach others those same ideas?   The answer to all these questions is a resounding NO, and that is why it is so important to understand what it means to be “created in the image of God”.


Total Life Success begins with understanding the importance of life, and understanding the importance of life begins with the understanding that we are created in the image of God.  Without that understanding our choices as to where we invest our time, money and resources will serve only to further the present corrupt, death enabling system.  That is not Total Life Success


But with these understandings come responsibility.  It is not enough to want to make money and be successful.  We must also see the bigger picture of our role in history, and the importance of improving our civilization.   However, no matter how great the man or woman, no single person can embrace the whole in such a way as to alter history unless they join forces with others.  In the past, those who united others were more likely to be conquerors, forcing others to join their cause under penalty of death.   But today, we can appeal to reason and we can form societies of like-minded individuals to further our cause.  We thereby become "More than conquerors". 


And so it is that I present you with my own appeal.  If what I have been saying throughout this book has given you a desire to contribute in some way to making the world a better place to live, and if you are curious about the idea of empowering yourself and others through community, then it behooves you to take that first step and join forces with us.   Whether you choose to help with one of our projects, to join our affiliate program, to become a member of our online community, or to help build a real-world 3Circles Church Community by starting a local 3CCC Fellowship Group, we welcome and encourage your participation. The most important thing is to take some action and begin. 


If you are at all interested, please go to http://www.3circles.net where you will be able to take the first step on the road to building a better community and a better world.  Membership starts online and is virtual. This gives you ample opportunity to explore our ideas and come to a decision with regards joining our real world community. And regardless of the outcome of your final decision, you will have made many wonderful friends in the process. May God bless mightily all those who catch the vision and lend a helping hand by becoming a contributing member.