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$ecret$ Of A Home-Based Business

Here is a simple chart that compares the methods used by 3Circles with all the other wealth generating programs out there.   It provides you with another example of why we should be your choice as the only opportunity worth pursuing if you really want to establish a successful home-based business.

   3Circles Entrepreneur Program    Other Web-Based Business Opportunities
Team and community centered. Individual (self) centered.
Spiritually based money making program. Secular based programs.
I provide personal mentoring to assure your success. You'll never get the owners personal contact info, let alone personal mentoring!
We limit the number of participants so I can personally mentor those who join. The more people they sign up, the more money they make, and I can attest, from personal experience, that their first goal is the money they make, not your personal success.
Conservative statistics and promises. Wild, even arrogant promises.
Universal secrets that apply to all. Personal "secrets" that worked for them.
We see money as a tool, a means to success, but not the only measure. They are entirely money centered and consider it the only measure of success.
Founded on God and family-first values. Founded on business-first values.
3Circles seeks to establish a long term relationship, whether you buy or not! You interest them only as long as you continue buying.
Character matters in our community model and we help you grow in character too. Your character is irrelevant to their business model.
We believe integrity extends to pricing. So we price our four month course at $250 NOT $249.99. Just because some marketing guru says it will mean more sales doesn't make it so; besides, we are so unique there isn't any competition! EVERYONE else follows the crowd and offers their products for X dollars and 99 cents.

We're not just different in our program methods and the way we choose to reach out to our customers, we're also different in the $ecret$ we tell!

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