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Rules, Principles and Laws

We will not burden people with a lot of rules but if people fail to do what is right, rules will have to be created. Rules, however, are not something our community will be focused on. Rather, we will focus on principles. If you've ever seen "The Cider House Rules" you might remember the orphan's doctor stating, "Not rules, principles. A rule says, 'you must do it this way'. A principle says, 'This works and it has thru all remembered time'". I couldn't have said it any more clearly myself.

By this definition, the so-called "Golden Rule" would be more accurately labeled the "Golden Principle". The Golden Rule (or "Golden Principle") is familiar to just about everyone and it is one of the pillars of our 3Circles Church Communities: "In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you" (Matthew 7:12).

Laws on the other hand, are fashioned from either rules or principles when the majority agrees to enforce that rule or principle for the common good. Those who make our laws create appropriate punishments to deter bad behavior, behavior that infringes on other people's rights.

Today, I believe most people would agree we have far too many laws. If all people were self-disciplined, believed in the concept "As a person sows, so shall they reap", and lived by the Golden Rule, we would need few laws. Of course, as more and more people care for nothing but their own needs, and as governments continue to increase their power, more laws become the order of the day.

Sometimes scientists use the word "Law" to describe mathematically verifiable, physical relationships, like the "Law of Gravity" or "Ohm's Law".

Those who decide to become members of our online community will receive access to additional educational materials that reveal some very amazing God-given principles. I have over 44 of them, all of them gleaned from my meditations with God, and available only to community members.

As an example, when I returned to school in the fall of 1984, to study computers, I was re-introduced to Ohm's Law. This is a simple 3 part formula regarding the scientific laws of electricity: voltage, current and resistance. I was studying one day I began to meditate and had an epiphany regarding how this same formula applies to people and their relationship to God. It's a truly amazing spiritual formula and it will help many understand the inter-relationships between God, their will and the choices they make day to day.

  • These are the basic principles and beliefs guiding our community:
      1) The Golden Rule of Conduct
      2) The 3Circles Empowerment Principle
      3) The 9 Foundational Beliefs for Individuals
      4) The 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
    The "Golden Rule" you already know.

    The "3Circles Empowerment Principle" is an amazingly simple but profound statement that appeared to my mind in its entirety, during a time of meditation. "Whatever you put your time, money and resources into, that is what you empower, and what you empower, you give power over yourself. It is time to stop empowering the system that seeks to enslave and destroy you, and to empower one another instead". The 3Circles Empowerment Principle has implications for everything your life touches: your employment, your bank, your investments, the group you fellowship with, your day to day activities with your kids (or lack thereof), what TV shows and movies you watch, how much time you spend with your wife or husband compared to how much you spend with your co-workers, what educational courses you take at college, what adult evening classes you sign up for, your indebtedness to the system, how well you are able to save and how you invest those savings, the list is endless, the implications profound. If you see the need for change and you want to be a part of making the world a better place for your family and future generations, it begins with the 3Circles Empowerment Principle.

    The "9 Foundational Beliefs" your find under the "Spirit-Centered Communities" link. Just scroll to the end and you'll see "3Circles Individual Foundational Beliefs".

    The "12 Principles of Prosperity" you will find in my book, "$ecret$ - 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs", subtitled, "Twenty Years of Meditation Uncovers God's Totally Awesome & Unique Principles For Breaking The Rich/Poor Barrier & Creating Families That Endure." My book is free to every new member of 3Circles Church Communities.

    To view my Table of Contents and get an idea of how important my book is you can CLICK HERE.  And here's the link for more info on what's inside: CLICK HERE

    Here's a testimony from one recent reader, Mike Celestine: "I can honestly say, with all certainty, that you are a modern day prophet. So many have claimed to communicate with the Father but I only know of two in my lifetime that were real. You have been gifted with the same ability. It is my pleasure and honor to make your acquaintance. God has definitely brought us together. What you have written is a modern day masterpiece that is up to date for our age".

    Leroy E. Grey

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