3Circles Church Communities

Our Mission and Who We Are

The mission of 3Circles Church Communities is to:

  1. GATHER like minded Christ believers into online and real world communities;

  2. REVEAL the mysteries of a Spirit-Centered inner life through personal meditation, periodic retreats and active participation in the life of the community;

  3. BUILD intentional Green communities that are safe and secure;

  4. EMPHASIZE FAMILY so we can multiply our communities and spread more light into the world;

  5. REACH OUT to those outside each 3Circles Community through commerce, volunteer service, and re-education of traditional Christians;

  6. CREATE ALTERNATIVES to many of the world's existing institutions so that our alternatives put people first and are ecologically sound.

As you may have noticed, our "Mission Statement" is not similar to the mission statements of other churches. That's because we do not put the emphasis on what a believer believes, we put the emphasis on what a person does, how they choose to live (their lifestyle) and how they choose to love others.

This is not a cop-out. We do believe that what a person believes is important. But in order for us to allow others the freedom to grow, we must first acknowledge that every spiritual journey involves abandoning cherished beliefs as we grow in understanding and wisdom. If we're honest with ourselves we can admit to this truth. We can even admit to the truth that none of us has arrived at all the "right" and as long as we are in this body we'll continue to grow spiritually. The "3Circles" in 3Circles Church Communities acknowledges this spiritual growth. The circles are like novice, apprentice and teacher.

Every traditional church in America emphasizes what people believe rather than how they live and act towards others. By doing this they have set up all the right conditions to attract and grow more hypocrites. Those who think their church is different because their congregation gets all emotional, or greets one another at the door, or says "I love you" to strangers, or claims it is the one true church, have never experienced God's manifest power within an intentional community of believers. When God is really in our midst, it is liberating. Tolerance, love and unity abound. You will not be able to utter one word, so powerful is God's presence, so deep is God's peace, so magnificent is God's joy. When God is manifest you can't help but be awestruck.

However, in today's world few people have ever had such experiences. The present church model has strangled the life out of the body of Christ. Their worship services are a mockery of what it means to "Worship God in Spirit and in Truth". And their member's lifestyles are no different than the lifestyles of those around them. All this is about to change for those who join us. In these web pages you will begin to understand the lies and deceptions that have determined your previous paths, throughout most of your life. Some will be shocking. And for those few who have journeyed far on this path, you will find reinforcement of your beliefs and the fellowship with kindred spirits that you've longed for.

Leroy E. Grey

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