3Circles Church Communities

Benefits of Membership

3Circles Church Communities Membership Covenant Agreement


Whereas I am a New Bioneer member of 3Circles Church Communities (3CCC) and agree with many of the community’s stated goals;


Whereas I have considered the tangible and intangible benefits of 3CCC membership listed on the 3CCC website and realize that those membership benefits far outweigh the cost of the monthly services fee (which fee includes a $25 membership fee and a $4 “3CCC Member’s Emergency Fund Fee”);


Whereas (for those with spouses or life partners) I agree to share this website and its knowledge with my spouse or life partner, so as to encourage a unity of purpose and harmony in fulfilling the provisions of this membership;


And Whereas I clearly understand my responsibilities as a member of 3Circles Church Communities (as stated in the table below) and intend to join in the life of the community by fulfilling those duties to the best of my ability;


3Circles Church Communities Membership Covenant Agreement

What Each Agrees to Provide/Do

What 3CCC Agrees to Provide/Do

What New 3CCC Members Agree to Provide/Do

1] 3CCC agrees to provide an informational membership website (main website), a collaborative projects website and an alternative-exchange system called a Time Bank.

1] I am in agreement with many of your ideas and principles and wish to actively participate in the building of 3CCC online and offline communities, therefore:

2] Services Provided:

a) Up to date info on activities and events;

b) FREE enrollment in our 3CCC Time Bank.

c) FREE 24/7 virtual meditation room;

d) FREE sheet of 24, 42 cent postage stamps;

e) Periodic one-day 3CCC Virtual Retreats;

f) Priority inclusion for 3CCC weekend retreats around the country (a limited-ticket event);

g) Wholesale purchase of our biofeedback headsets;

h) FREE membership in our 3CCC Debt Removal and Investment Club;

i) A FREE copy of my E-book: $ecret$ - 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs;

j) Affiliate commissions for signing up new members (this is residual, monthly recurring income);

k) Fast-tracking of all member applications for our upcoming reality TV series, “The New Bioneers”;

l) Membership in a local chapter of our 3CCC Faith-Based Credit Union once they are out of the planning and development stage;

m) Access to 3CCC R&D project results for any “Green” buildings we develop and build on community properties.

2] I agree to make a committed effort to maintain my membership in good standing and visit the 3CCC websites regularly.

3] I pledge to participate in at least 1(one) project every 6 months.

4] I agree that being an active participant means I try to attend as many teleconferences and/or web conferences as I am able.

5] I agree that practicing to “be still and know God” is one of the most important things I can do, therefore I will make every effort to participate in at least ONE online, one-day, virtual retreat every 6 months.  I also agree, if I am able to do so, to attend at least ONE real-world weekend retreat sometime in the next 2 years.

6] Assuming I continue to agree with many of the ideas and principles promoted by 3Circles Church Communities, I pledge to share the love, joy and unity I experience by sharing the 3CCC website link as well as the location of their 3CCC Fellowship Groups.


I do therefore, by signing below, fulfill the first of two requirements for advancing from New Bioneer to Visionary Bioneer (the second requirement being to sign up for at least one project).


SIGNED: __________________________________________   DATE: ______________________________

                                Full Legal Name, NOT an online acronym.                                      Today’s Date


Please fax this entire document to: 270-738-4507