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List of Projects


Each project will come with rewards (types and amounts to be determined).  For instance, we’ve signed on with a two decades old alternative exchange company called TimeBanks.org.  Time Banking is being actively used in many countries around the world, including the USA and is a powerful way for 3CCC members to interact with people in their local community.  A web-based Time Banking program, occassional meetings, and at least one person who acts as local coordinator, is all that's needed to get a 3Circles Community Time Bank up and running.  People then go online to see if someone offers the skill-set they need, or to post theirs.  Anything from baby sitting to auto repair to transportation needs to help with home repairs to garden produce is posted.  You can see a demo of the web interface, just CLICK HERE.


Initially we're going to pay our member/owners one Time Dollar for every hour of work on our various 3CCC Projects, plus four Time Dollars a month just for remaining an active member.  Those Time Dollars can be exchanged later for 3CCC shares, to buy into one of our 3CCC real-world intentional communities (we're thinking 10:1 exchange, as in 10 shares, valued at $1 a share, for each Time Dollar).


Time Dollars can be used as partial payment on the monthly membership fee.  Some members will want to use them to pay for goods and services, such as our headband biofeedback device that measures brain waves and helps you gauge your meditation progress.  Other members might exchange their Time Dollars or 3CCC shares for cash, to buy something that requires a partial or full cash payment.


However, during the Pre-Launch phase (lasting about three months), before we have established the first 3Circles Community Time Bank and integrated the TimeBank web program with our 3CCC members site, Time Dollars can only be accumulated.  Exchange for services, cash or 3CCC shares cannot happen until the Time Bank is up and some of our own projects underway.


We are absolutely certain of the success of 3Circles Church Communities.  We’ll honor all hours worked by our members during Pre-Launch. The amount a member-owner receives will be determined by the number of projects and project hours worked.


We also intend to provide some sort of additional bonus for the best workers.  Of course, every member-owner who stays the course and does good work will receive priority consideration for future projects.  And some of those future projects will come with considerable prestige, perks and pay.   See below for a detailed list of Project Categories, Duties Performed, Sub-Projects and Roll-Out times.


As mentioned on our iGroops MAIN MEMBERSHIP SITE, our 3 Month Risk-Free Trial period is a way for you and us to see if we are a fit spiritually and can work together.  There is a two-stage sign up process.  First you click "Join Now" on the top menu and we take all your info, including credit card, but you won't be billed via the PayPal subscription you just signed up for, until the 4th month.  Then you enter a 3 day grace period.  You'll have a full 3 days, if needed, to pay the first month's fee of $29.  Your second and third month are free.  We've provided a button on the left hand menu of the iGroops membership site labeled: "3Days2Pay".  This is a one-time fee and is only to finalize your decision to take advantage of our 3 Month Risk-Free Trial period.  You'll have 3 months (after you've paid for your first month and received two additional months free) to 1) Fax us your 3CCC Membership Agreement and 2) Sign up for a minimum of one project.   You only need to complete one project every 6 months.  If you do not meet these two simple requirements, then we have to conclude you're not serious about your spirituality, community or 3CCC, your provisional membership will be terminated and your member info deleted from our database.  We ask our online community members to think of these projects in their historical context.  We are making history together and many, many lives will be improved dramatically.  Some lives will even be saved as we also reach out to those who are less fortunate, those who feel hopeless or abandoned, who may be going through a rough patch in their life right now.  


The more each of us contributes in terms of helping with these projects, the more people we can help.  There are lots of businesses and organizations online that know they can convince more people to join if they trumpet their charitable giving.   Unlike those organizations that make a “feel-good” show of giving 10% to some charity, a band-aid approach at best, we here at 3Circles Church Communities have dedicated our lives and our entire fortunes to our cause, creating a total solution that’s aimed at the root causes of societies socio-economic inequalities. 


Our 3Circles Church Communities goes beyond simple gated communities.  We are establishing close-knit communities of faith, where people agree to the same basic life principles and know one another.  Everyone who decides to live in a 3Circles Church Community will be required to agree to a background check before being allowed to move to community property.  We won’t hold youthful brushes with the law against anyone.   And we can certainly understand, from first hand experience, how God is able to forgive and transform those who at one time were on the wrong side of the law.   Many of us have been made whole through God’s power.  Each individual situation will be judged and prayed over before a final decision is rendered by the group appointed to this task. 


Because our neighbors are known to us and have been approved by the community, we won’t have to endure what all traditional, worldly communities endure: high local crime rates, unsafe environments for children, and rampant vandalism.   Another perk for those living in a 3Circles Church Community is the increased opportunity for finding good marriage partners and establishing stable marriages.  That is one of our key motivations behind the building of 3Circles Church Communities.  We are 100% committed to setting people free mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


When you read my book (free to members; you'll automatically be emailed one chapter a week during your 12 week/3month trial), “$ecret$ - 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs” (http://www.3circles.net/dream/biz/home.htm), my Wisdom Blog: Transform Yourself (http://www.3circles.org/transform), and the content on our main 3Circles Church Communities (http://3ccc.3circles.net) website, I’m sure you’ll begin to understand why 3Circles Church Communities will be such a wonderful place to live!


But there are other equally compelling motivations behind why we are building our communities.  I believe their establishment will help us prepare for and survive the natural disasters that have been increasing dramatically over the past 3 decades.  Whether those disasters come in the form of a world-wide killer flu epidemic, as earthquakes, a volcanic eruption that disrupts crop production worldwide or some act of terrorism, it matters not.  God has given me the vision for 3Circles Church Communities, providing a tremendous infrastructure of ideas and principles to help keep us stay united and focused whatever comes our way.  But the only way 3CCC can become a reality is if YOU catch the vision and contribute your time, money and energy to this singular cause.


Today we stand on the brink of a “Spirit-Centered Revolution”.  Rather then teach you ABOUT God, we teach you how to KNOW God; how to most effectively access God, how to listen to God’s “still small voice”.  As each member develops their spiritual ears they will be enabled to hear God’s Living Word.  By learning to go directly to the source for understanding about God, each person is liberated from man’s religion, from what other men wrote about their God experiences many centuries ago.  Those so-called “Sacred” or “Holy” writings are no more sacred or Holy then what God reveals to each individual here and now.   It is certainly evident to anyone with a cursory knowledge of how the mind and language works, that much is lost in the translation.  Furthermore, it is an affront to credulity and intelligence if we deny these facts: that individual experiences shape every person’s perceptions and alter their interpretations; that religious men have, from time to time, made alterations to the ancient scriptures, which changes their meaning; and that the vast majority of people do not spend the time needed to KNOW God.   Instead, they read what other men have written ABOUT God.  In this way the same errors and misunderstandings are passed down from generation to generation, for thousands of years.


Having traveled the road of a truth-seeking pilgrim for over thirty-five years, I can with certainty tell you this, that as you learn to abide in the Spirit of Christ and receive daily doses of God’s peace, joy and light, you will be energized to receive truths you presently cannot comprehend or envision.  If you truly desire this oneness of purpose and love that Christ promised to all who abide in him, then you must welcome change and not fear it; you must choose, as he did, to walk the road less traveled; you must embrace as kin those who are not related by blood but by Spirit.  In this way, together, we can change the world… one 3Circles Church Community at a time!! 


The projects which follow provide the means to transform our world.   Each one builds on the next, empowering us individually and collectively.  They are a power that cannot be resisted.  God is planting the ideas presented by 3Circles Church Communities into the minds of those called to build our communities.  These projects are the tools.  You and I are the builders.  Those who follow our lead many years from now will marvel at our faith, that we could believe in the impossible, that we could fashion something from nothing.   Every great accomplishment began as a dream.  This is OUR dream… if you will dream with me, and believe, that God is calling you to this purpose, to sow more love and unity and peace into the world.  Will you join us?  You only need believe and it will be so.




Projects & Categories


Pre-Launch (14 projects):

  1. Social Media Promo Workers
  2. Moderator/Trainer Coordinators
  3. Project Scheduling & Expense/Time Tracking
  4. Website/Database Coders
  5. Debt Freedom & Investments Club
  6. 3CCC Online Member Affiliates
  7. 3CCC Direct Mailers Team
  8. 3CCC Local Fellowships
  9. 3CCC Enterprises
  10. 3CCC Biz Port
  11. 3CCC Faith-Based Credit Union
  12. 3CCC Training and Course Development
  13. Vonda’s Individual & Family Counseling Services
  14. Official Launch Preparations


Late Pre-Launch (3 projects):

  1. Land Purchase & Development
  2. 3Circles Community Publishers
  3. “Green” Technologies R&D


LAUNCH (2 projects):

  1. New Community Development Coordinators
  2. “The New Bioneers” Reality TV Program


Post-Launch (4 projects):

  1. 3CCC New Community Educators
  2. 3CCC Business Incubator
  3. Natural Disaster Survival & Emergency Foods/Kit Development
  4. Secure Communications & 24/7 Network Uptime


Late Post-Launch (3 projects):

  1. 3CCC Botanical Gardens
  2. Transferring My Journal From Paper To The Internet
  3. Traveling 3Circles Church Communities Exhibits



Detailed Projects List (with approximate roll-out times and approximate number of people needed for each project; please keep in mind that these projects are rolled out gradually, both in terms of number of project workers and in terms of the sub-categories, from Pre-Launch to Late Post-Launch; and remember, you are totally in charge of which project you work, how many hours and when; if a project isn’t working for you, notify the project manager you are leaving and then sign up for another one).



Approximate times for roll-out of Pre-Launch, Late Pre-Launch, Launch, Post-Launch and Late Post-Launch:

Pre-Launch:                Summer 2009

Late Pre-Launch:         Fall - Winter 2009

Launch:                       Winter 2009 - Spring 2010

Post-Launch:               Spring - Summer 2010

Late Post-Launch:       Summer - Fall 2010



  1. Social Media Promo Workers


      Duties: Setup 3CCC profiles on a selection of Social Media sites, using pre-written scripts we provide.     

    1. Social Networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc.
    2. Social Browsing sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.
    3. Wikipedia entries.
    4. Also, create groups and frequent other’s groups, providing comments and link backs to 3CCC in those groups and on others blogs, photo sharing sites, forums, etc.


Roll-out time:  Pre-Launch


      Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total; 5 for Social Networking sites; 5 for Social Browsing sites; 1 for         Wikipedia entries; 3 for monitoring blogs and making comments; 1 project manager.


  1. Moderator/Trainer Coordinators


      Duties: Assist members in our 24/7 virtual, VOIP enabled, peer-to-peer, web conference rooms. 

    1. We will provide short, to-the-point slide presentations and videos, available to every moderator or trainer for educating our members.
    2. Moderators are available in our web-conference room, mainly to assist members with the functionality of the conference room and to act as a resource person; Trainers volunteer to provide a more formal educational experience on specific subjects, or to get involved with our teleconference sessions to update our members on the latest 3CCC news.


Roll-out time:  Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 56 total eventually (each project worker will average 3hours per week hanging out in our conference room).


  1. Project Scheduling & Expense/Time Tracking


      Duties: Maintain list of projects; schedule time-lines; keep track of expenses and rewards; monitor projects for progress and create monthly reports.             

    1. I have already installed the projects management site; just need help organizing and maintaining.
    2. If needed, the person heading this up could get one or two volunteers as assistants.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 5 total.


  1. Website/Database Coders


      Duties: Varied and dependent on what kinds of interactivity we decide to program into our websites.  We’ll at least need people with HTML/XHTML coding skills.  Also need people familiar with MySQL Databases, Java, Flash, DreamWeaver, RSS, etc.    

    1. Second major project is the coding of our interactive social network site called “Community Times 3” or abbreviated as “CX3”.
    2. Major key component of CX3 that is needed ASAP, will be the ability to locate other members through our database of members, using parameters such as their profile info, geographical location or zip code, interests, 3CCC projects (past and present), keywords, work experience.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 5 total.


  1. Debt Freedom & Investments Club


      Duties: Receive training from “Debt-Free” an organization with great training materials and an easy to use software program for managing both debt reduction and wealth creation simultaneously.   The person doing this could make substantial sales commissions from students purchasing the necessary work materials. The investment club would require a second volunteer to setup and manage an online investments club.     

    1. The majority of our members will probably need help getting out of debt.  One of the requirements for moving to our 3Circles Church Communities will be relative freedom from debt (they have to of least started and maintained the process for a few months) and the “Debt-Free” program will help members achieve those goals.
    2. Once members are debt free they graduate into the world of investments and that’s where the 3CCC Investment Club provides guidance.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 14 total; 2 days per month per person and approximately 1 hour per day (that’s 10 people for Debt Freedom and 4 for the Investments Club).


  1. 3CCC Online Member Affiliates (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: Initially to manage the 3CCC Affiliate program (we are starting out with Google’s ClickBank).  Later on we want to have our web coders work on setting up our own internal affiliate program so we don’t have to pay Google their percentage.  This project manager would be assisting with the planning of our internal affiliate program, as well as coordinating the coding and transition from ClickBank.          

    1. An affiliate program is a good way to encourage growth because it offers a monetary incentive.
    2. The project manager for this project would be required to sign up with ClickBank to become familiar with how it works.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus 1 manager).


  1. 3CCC Direct Mailer’s Team (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: We are working with direct marketing list vendors and a company that specializes in postcard printing, labeling and mailing.  3Circles Church Communities will be sending out glossy, attractive postcards to targeted mailing lists with a known percentage of return.  But in the early stages of any company’s growth there are limited funds for marketing.  To overcome that obstacle we will use one of the “12 Principles of Prosperity” I talk about in my book, “$ecret$”, leveraging our time and money by networking.  We are looking for 15 self-starters who want to setup their own lucrative home-based business.   All that is required is your investment (a minimum of $100 the first month, so you can see it works without risking much, then a minimum of $500 each month thereafter).  We won’t launch this until after we’ve personally proven the concept (with the right lists and the right fulfillment vendor who does all the work, printing up the postcards, labeling them and then bulk mailing for you).  So I am going to personally guarantee you’ll make a profit your very first month or we’ll refund your $100 in full (you must sign an agreement to invest a minimum of $500 a month thereafter).     

    1. There is no work involved for this project, just your financial investment. 
    2. Initially anyone can sign up, but we will be looking for 14 aggressive business leaders to head up each of the 14 regions we’ve identified throughout the US.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus 1 manager).


  1. 3CCC Local Fellowships (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: The project requires a rather special set of skills, as well as a willingness to eventually travel extensively.  This person would be working with 3CCC members who not only expressed an interest in setting up their own local 3CCC fellowship (known as a: “3Circles Fellowship for the Development of a Spirit-Centered, Debt Free, Stress Free, Safe and Sustainable Community”) but had already gotten commitments from at least three others outside their own immediate family.  Duties would include keeping in weekly contact with each member establishing a local fellowship, providing teaching materials, monitoring progress and sharing stories via a fellowship group newsletter.    

    1. Our direct marketing will initially target geographical areas close to our home in Tennessee, since I need to setup the first local fellowship group.  I can see the eventual need for a number of 3CCC members working on this project, a number being assigned specific regions of the US and a few being assigned to support services like the fellowship group newsletter and refining of our initial teaching materials.   For the first project manager I prefer someone near Nashville or Shelbyville, so I could provide some “on the job” training.
    2. There will also be regular online conferences so I need a leader with speaking skills who would head it up, do the introductions for speakers, and work with me to establish an itinerary for each weekly conference.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus myself as project manager).


  1. 3CCC Enterprises


      Duties: Initially, research the various products and determine the best way to manufacture and market them (meditation fountains, personal biofeedback devices, T-Shirts inscribed with 3CCC principles, survival food kits and disaster emergency packs, etc.).  Second phase of this project would be setting up the website store for selling our products.    

    1. The final 3CCC Enterprise product list will be determined more by the knowledge, skills and desires of the members we attract.
    2. Whatever products we choose, they should help us promote our core values.  I believe we’ll need one overall project manager plus project managers for each individual product.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 10 total (1 meditation/biofeedback; 1 T-shirts and promo items; 2 survival food kits; 2 disaster emergency packs; 3 setting up web store; and myself as project manager)


  1. 3CCC Biz Port


      Duties: Our Biz Port is a small collection of network marketing companies with products needed by the majority of our 3CCC members.  The link to this section of our website will appear as a small vertical banner and members will not be directly solicited for any single product (we’ll mention its existence from time to time, making our members aware of the products and the potential for residual income, but it will be low-key and never pushy, never with any hype).  Project leader will develop two separate promo programs, one for our members and one to solicit networkers from among the general population.  Those who join from among the general population would be offered membership in 3CCC as well, but it would be a one-time solicitation to opt-in or out of general info from 3CCC. 

    1. Product categories so far are Health, Wealth, Legal Services, Buyers Club, and Electricity Savings.  We have chosen one company in each category, choosing only those with the best quality product(s) at the lowest discounts and with the highest ethical standards.
    2. The potential exists for us to setup our own network marketing company but because we believe it’s more important to focus on building our community, such a move would be counter productive in the eyes of many, if not most, of our 3CCC members.  Therefore we offer only an affiliate program that offers monetary incentives for growing our 3CCC network but without the baggage of MLM/Network Marketing.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 6 total (1 health; 1 wealth; 1 legal services; 1 buyers club; 1 electricity; 1 project manager).


  1. 3CCC Faith-Based Credit Union (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: Project leader will setup meetings between 3CCC staff and members interested in establishing our own credit union; fill out applications and communicate with organizations that oversee credit union formation; establish goals for number of 3CCC member/participants and amount of money needed to establish each local credit union (located within each local 3Circles Community); and appoint a spokesperson with marketing experience (if needed) to attract new customers who would also join 3CCC.  This person would also work at the national level with both congress and the NACU (National Association of Credit Unions) to allow us to provide both a wider range of services, more online functionality and more integration between our local 3CCC credit unions.       

    1. From what I remember reading years ago the requirements were about 70 members and a certain amount of deposits in order to qualify as a credit union.  Faith-based credit unions are relatively new and there may be a different set of requirements.
    2. One of the primary functions of credit unions is to issue loans, including mortgage loans, to its members.  We need to determine how we can integrate our land and mortgage specific Land-Credit Mortgage Company with our credit union so services don’t overlap or become redundant.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus 1 manager).


  1. 3CCC Training and Course Development


      Duties: Project leaders will have some background in course development, either for educational curricula or business training.  Both are needed.   I have over 40 principles that God has given me over the years, which will need to be put into a training presentation as well.             

    1. One main area of training will be for leaders of each “3Circles Fellowship for the Development of A Spirit-Centered, Debt-Free, Stress Free, Safe and Sustainable Community”.  I already have some source material to use as a template of ideas we need to cover for the course.
    2. We’ll also need a short-course on meditation, which we’ll package with our biofeedback device.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 6 total (1 education; 1 business training; myself for truth bombs videos, fellowship group training and presentation of the 40+ life principles; 1 project manager)


  1. Vonda’s Individual & Family Counseling Services


      Duties: Vonda earned a BS in Psychology and then went on to earn her Masters Degree in Counseling at Austin Peay State University, near Nashville, Tennessee.   That was back in the early 90’s.   She then moved to Austin, Texas, where she worked at Austin Mental Health & Mental Retardation for two and a half years.  While there she worked her own private practice on the side, counseling individuals and families.   The two project workers who assist Vonda must have some background in counseling.  One will focus on the individual clients Vonda has, the other will focus on family clients.   Vonda has a slight speech impediment, due to a viral infection so she will do most of her counseling via live interactive text chat and email.  When speech is absolutely necessary her two assistants will make the phone calls or arrange face to face counseling sessions.              

    1. As the success of Vonda’s counseling program expands there will be a need to hire more than the original two workers.
    2. Once other 3CCC communities are built there will be a need for additional degreed counselors and their assistants.  Those who work with Vonda will receive priority consideration to head up a counseling program at the community of their choice.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 3 total to begin (1 for individuals; 1 for families; Vonda as project manager).


  1. Official Launch Preparations


      Duties: Co-ordination of 3CCC Launch activities and events including: winding down the pre-launch and promoting our 3CCC Launch; making sure our website changes reflect the transition from pre-launch to Launch; scheduling teleconferences to build excitement for the Launch; and working with our Reality TV project team to coordinate Official Launch with their venue and activities.         

    1. Create Launch Schedule and coordinate this with project leaders of all Launch related projects
    2. I’ll make contact with the resort I’ve chosen, for off season exclusive use of a section of their resort not being used.  This is where I intend to simultaneously Launch 3Circles Church Communities and “The New Bioneers”, a reality TV series that will introduce the world to the benefits of living in intentional communities of faith.


Roll-out time: Pre-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 3 total (2 assistants and myself as project manager).


  1. Land Purchase & Development (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: Work at setting up the 3CCC Land-Credit and Mortgage Company.  The purpose of this company will be to find suitable community properties and then arrange full purchase via our own low-interest mortgages.  It can also arrange mortgages for individual community member’s new homes as they are built.  With a Land-Credit company we can issue bonds that are charged upon the aggregate mass of mortgaged properties, thereby creating a never ending supply of new capital for additional community land purchases, for agricultural land improvements, and mortgaging of new homes and community buildings.           

    1. The creation of this company is extremely important to the future of 3Circles Church Communities, it being one of the economic engines driving continued progress.  Other economic engines will include our 3CCC Enterprises (3CCC products), 3CCC BizPort, 3CCC Business Incubator, 3Circles Community Publishers, 3CCC Botanical Gardens, and service related income from our website memberships and spiritual retreats.
    2. One additional task will be to explore the creation of a community-only contracting and building team to take care of building projects.  However, there would have to be a sufficient number of 3CCC communities to keep such a team busy, so initially we’ll have to rely on local contractors and builders.


Roll-out time: Later Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus 1 manager).


  1. 3Circles Community Publishers (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: Assist with setup of our publishing company, including arrangements for cover design and Print-On-Demand (POD) printing of softcover version of my ebook, “$ecret$ - 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs”.  Help with development of logo and choice of specific categories of manuscripts we’ll solicit for review.  Project manager will be given access to our online account with Bowkers, where the block of ISBN’s I bought are stored until needed.

a.       Experience with a publishing company is mandatory for this project leader.

b.       I’m working on a second book, “Leave the Church – Your Life Depends On It!!” so this person will help with proofreading from time to time.


Roll-out time: Later Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 19 total (14 regions plus 1 manager; 1 to arrange cover design and POD; 3 to solicit and read new manuscripts).


  1. Green” Technologies R&D


      Duties: The project manager will locate, oversee and then coordinate the activities of numerous members of our community already involved with “Green” technologies.  A portion of community income is going to be put aside for this purpose, to help fund the Research and Development of these technologies for our specific geography, weather patterns, and needs.  

    1. I have recorded various programs that showcased technological advances: two brothers who built a methane plant on their dairy farm, which generates enough energy to take care of their farm and another 250 homes in the surrounding community; new solar technologies that promise ease of installation and dramatic increase in efficiency of electric generation; a video of a international competition among university student engineers to determine which university team built the best “Green” home on the Washington, DC grassy mall. 
    2. Green technologies go far beyond electric generation of course, including: building materials; home systems like water, sewer, heating and cooling; carpeting, flooring, counter top materials, etc.


Roll-out time: Later Pre-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 8 total (2 to cover building materials like flooring, wall board, etc.; 1 for carpeting, countertops and other household items; 4 for home systems like electric, water, sewer, heating/cooling; 1 project manager).


  1. New Community Development Coordinators (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: Project leader will develop a list of projects and schedules specific to the needs of each potential community.  This process only begins once there are sufficient members in the 3CCC Fellowship Group to warrant the establishment of a new community and the fellowship group members themselves establish, through a majority vote, that it is time to begin planning to establish a new 3CCC community.            

    1. I recommend a real-world newsletter that would be sent to all 3CCC Fellowship Groups, keeping each of them aware of what is going on within the community.   This newsletter would also be posted in our main 3CCC website as blog posts.
    2. This project would eventually require a team of project workers, 1 project leader in all 14 regions of the US plus other workers who would be assigned specific segments of a new communities development, reporting back to the project leader for their region who in turn reports to the overall project manager.


Roll-out time: Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus 1 manager).


  1. The New Bioneers” Reality TV Program (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: This is one of the most exciting projects and one I’ll be heading up.  However, there will still be a need for other project members.  The idea is to create a reality show that records for all posterity our first community startup.  The idea is to sort through all the people, eliminating those who would make great community members once the community is going but who lack the pioneering spirit and the guts to stick with it through all the problems usually associated with startups.  We are looking for those rare individuals who are self-starters yet work well with others; people who tend to find the “sunny side of life” even in the midst of defeat; and who possess numerous skills and life experience or at least show the potential for these qualities.  Rather than do like all the other survival TV shows that reward cut-throat actions, lying and cheating, we will reward those who apply the golden rule, who share and bring hope and who work well in difficult situations.  The place I have in mind to launch and produce our first elimination segments is a refurbished health springs spa resort with a 200 year history that was only refurbished and reopened in July of 2007 (after 25 years being empty).  They will need to promote it world wide and we can offer them an opportunity no one else can.   We will try to get exclusive use of a section of their resort and work through the early eliminations to end up with a solid team of promising 3CCC team members.  We’ll then move to the new community where this team will be challenged to start from scratch while living in tents.  They will work with our hand picked construction crews and assist in building the most important support systems and buildings.  These will support later arrivals and will include: electricity (public utility plus hydroelectric, solar, wind or some combination of these); sewage lines with attached central bathroom/shower building; community meeting/eating area and kitchen; a general store and storage areas where supplies and equipment are stored.  We will provide challenges for the reality TV from time to time, such as dividing them into three teams and challenging them to research the best options for community wide sustainable power that uses what is at hand to its best advantage (solar, wind, methane, hydroelectric).  The one that gets approved wins the reward.  During the initial construction phase where they must help the construction crews, we can give points based on the crew bosses ratings for quality, speed, attitude, team work, etc.            

    1. I already have a contact in the reality TV industry that I can build on, but even if we can’t find a producer among the traditional reality TV experts we’ll produce it ourselves and use the Internet to take it to the world.  One way or another we WILL do this!!
    2. My purpose for doing a reality TV series is not to get personally famous or rich.  We’d be very lucky if could even get the attention of top producers, let alone get them to produce it, especially considering that we intend to change the paradigm of reality TV from rewarding cut-throat competition to rewarding cooperation and good behavior, something that is not negotiable.  My purpose is simple: to introduce people everywhere to the importance of building intentional, faith-based communities.   By building and living in such communities we decide who our neighbors are and we are empowered individually by a community that helps us free up our time and make better use of our money.  As a born-again Christian I believe community is not just another option, it’s a necessity for living out the love we say we have for one another.


Roll-out time: Launch


Specific Personnel Needs:  15 total (14 regions plus myself as project manager).


  1. 3CCC New Community Educators


      Duties: Establish onsite schools to cover all grades, K-12; search for teachers among our online and offline members; develop a curriculum; provide the necessary books and teaching manuals; provide inexpensive individual laptop computers for every student; provide for science, music, art and physical education needs; develop a plan for establishing school science labs; and develop R&D projects that students can work on, helping us solve problems specific to our 3Circles Church Communities (i.e. methane production from community sewage wastes, solar panel and battery storage improvements, wind or hydro electric technologies development, creation of a recycling program that could include collecting recyclable materials from surrounding local communities).  We will be hampered somewhat by the need of state governments to program politically correct curricula that are required to be taught.  However, by making the school day longer (easy to do, considering our children won’t need the normal half to one hour travel time each way, to and from school) we should be able to meet state requirements AND teach our own curricula.  Unlike traditional K-12, where the school day is divided up into short one hour teaching sessions, with an entirely new subject being taught every hour (a method undoubtedly created for the benefit of administration) we’ll tie our teaching to hands-on projects that will be require a multi-disciplinary approach to learning.  Project manager will be responsible for overseeing everything from planning (such as design and construction methods for the buildings) to hiring certified teachers, to determining what educational tools and equipment will be needed. 

    1. Planning is the first task, one that can be accomplished before the first community land is bought and families move in.
    2. I would like to see special emphasis on writing and science as they form the backbone of our culture, shaping what we believe to be important and providing solutions to problems that effect every member of society.
    3. Project manager should work closely with our community parents to assure them of our desire to create the best learning environment for our children and young adults.
    4. I recommend we borrow some of the cultural-educational ideas that are rooted in the Philippines.  There students graduate from High School at age 16 and are considered adults ready for college or full-time work.  Our culture’s preoccupation with prolonged adolescence cannot be supported by history, not even our own nation’s history, and is counter productive, either producing a lot of angst and anger among those who want to make their mark early in life or producing lazy slackers who have been spoiled by this country’s prolonged coddling of it’s youth.


Roll-out time: Post-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 17 total (1 project leader for each grade, K-12; 1 technology assessment advisor; 1 on multi-disciplinary work projects; 1 on 3CCC “green” technology projects and 1 project manager).


  1. 3CCC Business Incubator  (work divided Regionally later on)


      Duties: The purpose of the 3CCC Business Incubator will be to assist online and offline community members with setting up their own business.  Like university based business incubators, we’ll offer shared use of secretaries, phone systems, web hosting, domain registration, web coders, virtual web-based conference rooms and skilled, successful business resource people for both our online and offline community members.  For our real-world communities each community will have its own business incubator offering, in addition to the previous perks, shared business equipment, low-rent office space and an ever growing pool of potential employee/owners from among those living in our 3Circles Church Communities.  Our faith-based credit union should be able to offer business loans to credit union members as well.  Project leaders will manage the program, making sure every new member understands this service is available to them.      

    1. A hands-on business background is essential to this position.  Any schooling would of course be helpful, but without real-world experiences, not too useful.
    2. This is potentially one of the most lucrative positions with 3CCC, since the project leader would have first knowledge of new corporations forming among community members.


Roll-out time: Post-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 20 total (14 for resale of our own web hosting through our Kiosk franchise and sale of Hot Conference web conference rooms, all by region; 5 virtual assistants to do secretarial and other office work for online clients; 1 project manager).


  1. Natural Disaster Survival & Emergency Foods/Kit Development (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: I worked as a research writer for FEMA, under the Dept. of Homeland Security and it was an eye opener in terms of the need for disaster preparedness.  Project leader will represent our community at various disaster preparedness courses and mock disaster reenactments, then convey what was learned to our communities.  We also want to assemble and sell Disaster Survival Kits and Emergency Food Packs so there will be a need to work with other project members to determine where we can get the best prices for what is finally decided on kit or pack contents.           

             a. The Hutterites have a huge store near Cumberland, Maryland, that sells bulk wholesale and retail                    dry foods, canned meats, and many unusual or hard to get emergency foods.

             b.  The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”.  Every 3Circles Church Community MUST be prepared                     for natural disasters or terrorist attacks, so that we can continue to survive and thrive.


Roll-out time: Post-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus 1 manager).


  1. Secure Communications and 24/7 Network Uptime


      Duties: The project leader for this project must have experience in IT, including LAN/WAN networking, VPN, secure wireless, a knowledge of encryption methods, SSL, server side includes, firewalls, etc.                       

    1. Eventually we can provide off-site secure backups by backing up to servers at other 3CCC communities.
    2. Each community will have it’s own secure data facility, including backup generators, RAID Array hard drives, server redundancy, etc.


Roll-out time: Post-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 5 total (1 for Lan/Wan networking; 1 for VPN; 1 for secure wireless; 1 for encryption, certificates, SSL; 1 project manager).


  1. 3CCC Botanical Gardens


      Duties: I have extensive experience in Greenhouse, Nursery and Landscaping.  God showed me that each community should provide some product or service that helps it to interact with the outside world.  My dream has been to create a world-class botanical garden at the community we live at, on a part of the property that is far enough away from our main community living area.  The benefit in terms of revenue is obvious but the real benefit is the ability to invite the public into our community, so there is no sense among local citizens that we are a closed cult.  When people visit our gardens they will learn about our community and as they interact with community members working on their behalf they will be introduced to our community lifestyle.  This kind of interaction, not to mention the tax revenues we’ll bring to the local economy of surrounding towns, is worth its weight in gold in terms of public relations.  The project manager for this project would obviously need to have some horticultural experience and a keen desire to help create a world-class garden facility.  This person will work directly with me as we map out a plan, from incorporation to land purchase to actual building of the roads and other infrastructure necessary to sustain 1000’s of visitors a day in peak season.

    1. After incorporating the Botanical Gardens we start with erecting one greenhouse, preparing the nursery grounds for seedlings and propagated cuttings, creating a newsletter, setting a launch date 3 to 5 years in the future, then contacting botanical gardens worldwide to see which ones will work with us in a seed and propagation exchange. 
    2. All project members must have some horticultural experience.  Besides taking virtual tours of numerous botanical gardens, we will travel to some of the world-class gardens in the US in order to get ideas.
    3. All businesses started by 3CCC will include employee ownership through stock options.


Roll-out time: Late Post-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 5 post-launch to 19 after land is purchased (1 for greenhouse; 1 for nursery; 1 for landscaping; 1 for newsletter; and myself as project manager).


  1. Transferring My Journal From Paper To The Internet


      Duties: I have kept a journal for most of the past 34 years, ever since I made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ.  There are many amazing stories, including some life and death situations that provide for some very interesting reading.   My spiritual journey will resonate with people of all ages but especially young people (most of the writings were written between my late 20’s and late 30’s).              

    1. I’m looking for 4 others to work with me on this; must be an excellent typist, fast and with a low error rate.


Roll-out time: Late Post-Launch


Specific Personnel Needs: 5 total (4 typists and myself as project manager).


  1. Traveling 3Circles Church Communities Exhibits (work divided Regionally)


      Duties: I am 100% certain that our 3Circles Church Communities will be far better communities to live in, when compared to traditional communities that cannot offer the kind of closeness between neighbors, nor provide the level of safety we’ll be able to provide for our children.  If we have something better, the world should know.  The project manager for this project will help create the exhibits, assign those who will share our exhibits, and schedule those assigned to showcase our traveling exhibit to the general public.  Ideally we would have RV’s equipped with the exhibit and stopping at local Fairs, Malls, Libraries, etc.  People could then just walk in the front door and exit to the rear.  Coordination of travel routes with notification of local TV, radio and newspapers is another duty.     

    1. Someone should be assigned to just deal with local fairs across this country.  Exhibitor kits for each fair would be ordered, choices made as to which ones to participate in, and finally, applications would be filled out and fees paid, in order to be an exhibitor.  This process has to take place one to three years in advance.


Roll-out time: Late Post-Launch 


Specific Personnel Needs: 15 total (14 regions plus myself as project manager). 






Leroy E. Grey

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