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Thirty-four years ago God took me to heaven while I was riding in someone else's car. It was not a near-death experience because I was 28 years old and in perfect health. The driver and two other passengers all experienced the first part of my journey, the part where God's super intense white light surrounded us and blotted out all earthly things.

My Spirit then left my body and traveled to heaven while those in the car remained in a state of suspended animation, unable to move or to speak. The angels that surrounded me in heaven told me many things, but the most important message conveyed was that God had a work for me to do. This is that work.

With the launch of this website (March of 2008), we are announcing to the world that the time has come for a "new" spirituality. We are announcing to Christians who church-hop that you have found a new home for worship and wisdom, a place of spiritual liberty, tolerance and truly loving people. We are announcing to those who call themselves New Age that the spiritual confusion of the new age movement can finally be resolved, that outside the confines of all your mystical talk there exists a clear ray of truth that is irrefutable, all encompassing and beyond words. We are announcing to those of other religions that the power of Jesus Christ's message of love and unity welcomes all who can lay down their religion and put on the mantle of true and universal spirituality. This especially applies to the Christian religion, for in truth all religions are made by man for the purpose of building a religious empire.

Among those who belong to other religions or who identify with New Age spirituality there are many who will share a common bond of understanding regarding the teachings God has imparted to me over the past three decades. Unlike other religions I did not receive these teachings from other men. I was instructed to forgo traditional education methods, to seek God's Living Word via the ultimate and only trustworthy channel for spiritual guidance, God's Holy Spirit.

After my heavenly sojourn and the Holy Spirit became my guide, I had to relearn the meditation techniques I originally studied during my explorations of Yoga and Eastern religions. I had to learn to discipline my mind, so that my meditations were focused on God and the message he first delivered to Jesus. The Spirit-Centered message that was delivered to Jesus can still be found here and there among the writings of the New Testament, but those Spirit-Centered teachings have been distorted and falsely interpreted by religious men who were far more concerned with building their religious institutions then they were concerned about truth, love and justice.

3Circles is representative of a spiritual journey. Unlike traditional religion, which demands that everyone believe the same, we believe we should allow for spiritual differences and growth. The first circle represents the lowest common denominator of shared understanding. It is the "Circle of Belief". It is where we all begin, believing there is a God, a creator, an invisible force that sustains everything we see, a force of creation and design that is without question intelligent.

The second circle is the "Circle of Education and Enlightenment". Within this circle one learns many things by the traditional method of teacher-student. But more importantly, this is where one develops their spiritual self, where each member of the community discovers how to be still, how to meditate, how to listen for God's Living WORD, and thereby discover their skills, gifts and life-purpose.

The third circle is the "Circles of Sharing and Service". This is the inner circle, where one discovers through first hand experience this truth, that it is more blessed to give then to receive. It is also where one understands fully their membership in a priesthood bearing little resemblance to the priests of old. From this pool of Spirit-Centered members the life of the community is guided, protected and served.

Leroy E. Grey

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