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Pre-Launch and Launch Plans



I.                   Previous to Pre-Launch: Establish 3Circles Church Communities Online:

          Estimated time frame, Spring to Fall 2010


A. Develop basic 3CCC website to introduce us to the rest of the world. [DONE]

B. Purchase SBI services for lead capture page development and SEO. [DONE]

            C. Purchase package for setting up membership sites to create immediate and recurring revenue using existing                  payment processors like Pay Pal and others. [DONE]

            D. Hire law firm [DONE]; incorporate [DONE]; & secure trademarks on slogans of 3CCC [TO BE DONE].

E. Create 3 or more 3CCC membership levels around the concepts of “Free memberships are killing the                  Internet”; and “Commitment through a signed covenant.” [DONE]  Create a 3CCC/member covenant                  that encourages an ongoing commitment. [DONE]

F. Create in-house social networking modules that will support networking among members:

      1. Create Wisdom Blog: “Transform Yourself” [DONE: http://www.3circles.org/transform ]

      2. Create 3CCC Forums [DONE: http://www.3circles.net/yabb ]

      3. Create online fellowship via VOIP conference room [DONE: http://freedom.3circles.net/ ]

      4. Setup up meditation rooms using the same VOIP web conferencing software (communications                       disabled so people can only listen) dedicated solely to meditation, providing relaxing meditation music                       and different backgrounds (like nature sounds with mandalas or with nature scenes). [TO BE DONE]

      5. For added privacy and increased communications I have built upon my knowledge as a former ISP to                       develop a unique concept.  Members will only be able to access their 3CCC membership site by                       entering a members only, password protected, VOIP enabled, web conference room.  Once logged in                       to this members only room, they then log into their own personal social networking sites, including                       those created by 3CCC.  Regardless of what sites a member is logged into, the other members will not                       see their private sites or profile info.  However, even though each member is surfing their own sites,                       they are able to communicate via VOIP and text chat, as well as setup impromptu meetings via other                       web conference rooms, Skype, or real world meetings such as a Meetup.  [PARTIALLY DONE]

G. Set up project management software with access provided to volunteers who want to help build our online                  and offline communities. [DONE: http://payitforwardbiz2biz.com/projects ]  Provide a list of projects to new                  members [DONE]; establish clear guidelines for those who volunteer for the various projects [DONE];                  provide collaborative tools to assist with collaboration [DONE]; and provide guidelines for how to become                  a moderator/presenter in our web-based training rooms. [TO BE DONE]

H. We have a targeted niche market composed of approximately 10 million Born-Again, Unchurched Christians who are looking for something more.  To reach this market we refuse to rely on the black-arts of SEO and we won’t purchase keywords or advertising click-thrus.  These methods are increasingly unreliable, due to Google’s history of changing search algorithms overnight.  Google has done this repeatedly, reversing the fortunes of Internet millionaires overnight.   Instead, we will use tried and true direct marketing methods, something I’ve done in the past, when I owned and operated a mail-order seed company.   Our advantage will come from leveraging the efforts of those who join our cause as affiliate-members.  To make this an easy process I will offer affiliates the ability to purchase Pre-printed post-cards and mailing lists with their own special code in the return address.  Anyone who becomes a member of 3CCC will have to enter this code, so our affiliates will get credit for that member. [TO BE DONE]

 I.  Develop a “Media Plan” using Joan Stewart’s Media Planning info [TO BE DONE]; Meet with her for the one hour consultation that came with the package to utilize that offer [DONE]. 

 J.  Create a “3CCC Business Portfolio” (3CCC-BP) composed of 3CCC products and outside businesses             we’ve found to provide health, wealth, spiritual or Home-Based Business benefits, offering the 3CCC-            BP as a member resource for additional income (thru commissions).  Valuable for helping members make             the transition from a job to a home-based business they can operate from the community.  [PARTIALLY             DONE]

      1) Products

                  a. 3CCC promotional items like T-Shirts with some of our principles or quotations (Cafe Press).

                  b. Survival Foods and Emergency Packs we’ve repackaged under our logo and name.

                  c. Inexpensive, personal bio-feedback devices for helping people gauge their progress in                                        learning to meditate.

                  d. Meditation aids like water fountains we design and sell.

                  e. 3Circles Community Publishers (books, podcasts, videocasts, pamphlets, etc; we own 10                             ISBN's and qualify as bona fide publishers).

                  f. Collapsible indoor meditation chambers to create a silent meditation space for busy families.

                  g. 3CCC Hosting services via our own franchised system (3rd party support is part of the                             franchise). [DONE]

      2) Outside Businesses

                  a. Health: GBG

                  b. Wealth: Public Gold

                  c. Legal Help for Home-Based businesses: Pre-Paid Legal

                  d. Debt reduction: Debt Free System

                  e. Solar Rentals: Citizenre (presently on hold pending outcome of new funding round)

                  f. Energy Reduction: Water4Gas info, conversion kits and installations.

K. Create Logo and Stationery (business card, letterhead and envelope designs). [DONE:             http://www.3circles.net/logo ]

L.  One of our volunteer projects will be to provide all the necessary profile info for 3CCC and then ask             volunteers to sign up 3CCC on the sites of their choice, gleaned from a list of preferred Social Media             sites provide to such members. [TO BE DONE]

      M. Setup guidelines for online virtual retreats and begin them ASAP, so as to train members to meditate and                   help them take advantage of our meditation rooms. [TO BE DONE]

      N. Create 3CCC Presentation Movie, slides for training new members and other educational aids that can be                   used by anyone who volunteers to help man our web-based conference training rooms. [TO BE DONE]

      O. Create searchable membership database or use third party service to allow member searches for                              other members in their geographic region or zipcode. [TO BE DONE]


II.                 Pre-Launch [ALL ARE TO BE DONE]:

            Estimated Time Frame, Fall 2010 thru Winter 2010


A. Do Pre-Launch for 3-6 months

B. Set monthly goals for new memberships based on March-May PRE, Pre-Launch direct marketing phase.

C. Rely upon Go-To-Webinars and our own web-based conference rooms to keep up the excitement.

D. Gradual roll-out 3CCC Presentation Movie, training modules, books and other commissionable products,      collaborative tools and projects to keep up the excitement.

E. Create and sell direct marketing package to members who want to join our affiliate program and sign up      new members to earn a monthly recurring income (in addition to earning increased commissions on all      3CCC product sales).  Members who join this program will get our high gloss brilliantly colorful post      cards, with mailing lists (names, postal addresses and phone number, targeted for their area and gleaned      from our master lists of some 10 million Born-Again, unchurched Christians).

F. Create a “Calculate your potential income” web page for members to see the potential of promoting      3CCC and earning recurring income from members they sign up + commissionable sales.

G. Create a membership drive for our 3CCC Faith-Based Credit Union, outlining the number of members      and amount of funds that must be deposited in order for each group of local 3CCC members to qualify as      a local credit union.  This is extremely important and one of the pillars of our 3Circles Church      Communities, enabling us to truly apply the 3Circles Empowerment Principle (as people take their money      out of this system’s banks and put it into our own).


III.             Launch [ALL ARE TO BE DONE]:

          Estimated Time Frame, Spring 2011 thru Fall 2011


            A. Coordinate “3CCC Official Launch” with the unveiling of our plans to host the first real world gathering of                  3CCC members and member affiliates at the historic Bedford Springs Resort Spa in Bedford, PA.  Invite                  media, offering to pay the way of one embedded reporter from each media outlet (vetted and chosen by                  us).

            B. At the Bedford Springs gathering announce details of the 3CCC Reality Series.  After seeking potential                  communitarians in small to medium towns around the USA, we can offer Bedford Springs some unheard                  of publicity (in exchange for drastically reduced resort fees) if they’ll give us exclusive use of one wing or                  section of their resort spa for the early elimination rounds aimed at finding a core group of pioneering                  types who are chosen to build the first 3Circles Church Community.  Unlike all other reality shows,                  cooperation, teamwork, and acts kindness or genuine love provides greater rewards.  I think a 3 week                  elimination period should do, followed by 3 months of filming at the community site, where further                  eliminations will take place.  These core pioneers will then become the leaders to start up simultaneously                  other 3CCC’s.


IV.             Establish Local, Real-World, 3Circles Church Communities[TO BE DONE]: 

          Estimated Time Frame: Spring 2012 and beyond.


            A. Help to connect 3CCC members locally via zip searches of our database; provide materials to help those                  members establish a “House Church” in their locality.  Fellowshipping with the larger 3CCC can continue                  via the web and our conference rooms. 

            B. Once we have 3 or more local chapters of 3CCC established, with sufficient members and funds to create                  their own 3CCC Faith-Based Credit Union, we rent Credit Union facilities and open our doors.

            C. Establish the first 3CCC, using our Reality TV/Internet TV series as a promotional tool for signing up new                  members.   Through this process we obtain a core group of pioneer types and we assign a team of leaders                  to seed another 3CCC within 6 months to a year of establishing the first one.

Leroy E. Grey

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