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Dear Potential 3Circles Church Community Member,


I’m writing this as a letter, as if it were being delivered from me to my dearest friend.   We do not believe in such artificial distinctions as Master/Servant or Pastor/Layman.    Jesus said, "Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what the Lord does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of the Father I have made known to you".   Thus are we all priests with equal access to God and God's will for us.   The vehicle for that knowledge is the Holy Spirit, which Jesus said he would leave as his gift to every believer, guiding each of us to a knowledge of truth by making known to us the Living WORD of God.   All that is required of us, for that knowledge to be imparted, is to obey his command to "Love one another as I have loved you" (i.e. living in community, the only effectual way to truly love one another) and to "Be still and know God", the only effectual way to still this world's voices and hear the "still small voice" of God.   Everyone who becomes a member of 3Circles Church Communities (3CCC) will likewise be considered a friend, the degree of our friendship being ultimately determined by the amount of interaction between us. 


Among other things, we are creating a social network. But it is not like other social networks. 


First, we will be providing cutting edge communication tools that dramatically increase your ability to interact with other 3CCC members, but in a natural and easy way.   There will be no need to click on special pages to find out who’s online.   Nor will you have to ask for a private chat. 


Second, we don’t want the whole world to join.  We only want those individuals and families who are representative of our niche market.  This will include people of faith and spiritual seekers who feel alienated by traditional Church services or alienated from other religions in which they participated at one time.   This means our social network will be smaller, more personal, and you will share more things in common with all our members.


Third, unlike all other websites on the Internet, whose only purpose is to provide information, sell a product, or offer entertainment, our goal, after first gathering like-minded 3CCC members, is to build real-world communities. 


To make this happen we must find people who understand our mission, who find us and our online community genuinely likable, and who are willing to help us in any way possible to fulfill that mission.  This means we only want to attract people willing to commit to our community by signing up as members. 


Please, do yourself a favor and check out our link to “The Benefits” page as well as our sign up page, where I list additional monetary and non-monetary benefits showing why our membership fee is such a great deal.  You’ll find an amazing number of benefits that have the potential to dramatically improve your quality of life, as well as offering unparalleled opportunities for you and your children.


So, how do you commit to 3CCC and our mission?  


1)      Ideally, you will read over our website and make a decision to join us today.  Just click on "Membership Types And Signup" on the right hand menu, under "Links of Discovery".

2)      For those who need more time, please bookmark our website and come back often, reading everything you can several times.

3)      For those who don’t sign up today, I suggest you make a note on your calendar one day shy of three weeks from today, and write: “JOIN 3CCC”.   We give you three weeks from when you first entered your name and email address for more info on 3Circles Church Communities, to sign up as a 3CCC member.   The different types of membership and how the money from each membership is distributed towards the furtherance of our 3CCC Mission is covered under the menu item: "Membership Types And Signup".   That's where we also discuss why we charge a membership fee and how we distribute that fee towards the fulfillment of God's vision for 3Circles Church Communities.

4)      We don’t want fence-sitters and we don’t want people who are always looking for something for nothing.   Those two go hand-in-hand, being largely responsible for the dramatic decline in response to messages on social and business networks.   Over the past three years we have seen responses to our offers on business networks go from 3,400 the first year (the year business networks started) to 437 the second year to about 45 this past year (these numbers are for an equal 3 week period and for a different product or service each year; we used the same identical formula for business building each time).   It’s gotten so bad that most emails are deleted without looking at the offer.  So we're using a hybrid approach that includes online marketing as well as old-school direct marketing techniques.   Direct marketing via high quality postcards still provides a solid track record of response percentages.  For our online marketing we'll still be using Search Engine Optimization, keywords, metatags, etc., but after seeing how Google and other search engines continually change the rules (destroying the revenues of many a small business overnight) we decided the hybrid approach is best.  Either you join because you understand our mission to build online and offline faith-based communities via our “Spirit-Centered Revolution”, or you don’t.    Why waste our time trying to convince people who don't understand, when there are so many who do?  According to Barna Research, there are tens of millions of people dissatisifed with traditional church, who are looking for ways to better their debt-ridden, stress filled lives.  If we followed the crowd we would offer our services for free; we would try to get as many people to join as possible rather than seek a targeted niche market; we would use website tools that showed all the people joining under you, giving you a false sense of growth; we would include so many free ebooks and other incentives in our offer that you'd end up confused about our mission; and we would offer up all the same hype.  But that's precisely what NOT to do.   My 12 years of Internet experience, both as an Internet Services Provider providing dialup access and web hosting services and as an Internet marketer, reveal this truth, that the vast majority of internet startups fail precisely because their offers have become hopelessly redundant, are percieved as being worth little precisely because they are free, and they create no real community because they try to be all things to all people rather than reach a targeted niche market. 

5)      We believe that with the constant inundation of information and Internet solicitations, not to mention the tendency for most of us to over extend our time schedules, we must do more than simply ask people to sign up as members.   The success of our online and offline communities will depend mostly on the message and principles God has given me.  But it will also depend, at least to some degree, on our members believing they are getting more than the value they spend for membership.  And since this is a community, the ultimate success of 3Circles Church Communities is really determined by our member's, by their loyalty and commitment to our cause.   For these reasons, we ask potential members to make their decision within three weeks and then reinforce that decision by signing our “3CCC Covenant Agreement”.


BECOME A MEMBER TODAY (this links to our “3CCC Covenant Agreement” which you’ll “sign” by typing in your name and checking the checkbox; once you click “Submit” you’ll be taken to the payment page).


Sincerely Yours,


Leroy & Vonda Grey

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